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Most of you know me by now - I am running out of things to do to my car!

The engine is in it's last stages of work now. The suspension is done (I can't really change anything there!). The transmission side is done. Interior and exterior is done as far as I can see.

Have I missed anything? Or am I really coming to the end?

What a sad thought - no more tuning decisions... :(

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Enjoy driving it?? Alternatively you could try cutting the roof off, take the windscreen out, throw a bucket of water into your seat, stand in a freezer for an hour and recreate the thrills of driving my Westfield. Nitrous Oxide? Just for that nano second that you are off boost? :):):)

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blade if it helps
try to fine tune you car
try preloading your suspension to work at its best ie set the spring pre load so when you hit the out side crubs on the track the suspension gives and uses the springs range you can do this to great effect . this method is used on the toca cars and works very well with track cars to. my friend who is a designer at eibach racing could help you with this .
also a gearbox cooler most good track cars have theses must be done with termostat switch .
carbon under tray could give better top speed as well as low speed stabilatey . cheap to do and very effective .
under bonnet air effects work as well look and see if you can duct air to the intercooler better also look at exhaust wrapping helps with termal effiecncey .

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Already preloaded the suspension. Gearbox cooler is on the list, with pump. Thought about the carbon undertray, but it means taking the fuel tank off and sticking it in the boot, and Idon't like the weight balance implications of that. The exhaust is already heat wrapped too. There is no room to fit undertrays at the front (exhaust too big, lower strut braces etc.)

Not sure what the underbonnet air effects are all about - are you talking about ram effect for the air filter? The carbon box to the Naca duct generates positive pressure in that respect. Can't see any other advantage to it, unless I am missing somthing.

The intercooler is pretty well serviced by air already.

Any more ideas ?

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More lightening? It'll give you even more grip than you already have (but maybe slightly less traction)


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Blade - don't say that this is your last season ! I am only just starting my rs project.

How about this little number for those sunday visits to Sainsbuys. My mate is currently sourcing one very similar and dropping a 190bhp ford zetec (luckily for him he works for Ford) into it for well over 400/ton, total cost incl. engine will be around 10K:

just check that interior out :) Give those R500's something to think about ! Hopefully he should be out on the bookatrack/easytrack loop come the summer with it.

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Custard - what is the URL for mines? Undertray could be a cooling issue, and may not fit with all the **** that is there already! Rad top plat sounds nice - that bit does look ugly...

Droid - thought about more lightening - but that is tricky. Manual windows are going in, but that is hardly any weight. Carbon bonnet and boot are available, but that is very little (about 10kgs at most). Lexan would save quite a bit, but is obviously nasty. GRP rear doors too would help - but at most you are talking maybe 70kgs, and it would look bad and cost alot - hence I thought, why bother. I could lose half that weight by going on a diet :D That costs nuffink!

Marco, yep, rose jointed top mounts all round. Stiffest bushes possible everywhere else.

Jackal - quite fancied the Radical motorsport thingies. Not sure I would fit in any of them though!

Keep the ideas coming!

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Yes, so would I, but have you seen what is required for that?

Special transfer assembly including front LSD (35/5) and Centre Viscous coupling (VCT |EQU| 110 Kg/m). Also rear differential with 4.222 ratio (9/38) and LSD (35/5).

The complete package including the following:

Triple plate Carbon clutch, by AP Racing
Transmission oil cooler system (Laminova)
Transfer assembly
Propeller Shaft (steel)
Rear differential assembly
Gear change mechanism
Starter Assembly
Transmission mountings/fixings

is priced at £80,000-. Special Driveshafts are also available, but these depend upon the specification of suspension to be used. An electronically controlled centre differential is also available.

Now that is way more than the total spend on the car, and cannot be afforded or justified!!

I turned my nose up at the 8k dog box kit for pete's sake.

Would be nice to have one though :D

Now you know why the Grp A cars cost so blooming much!

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Blade - I agree m8 , I just spent 40K for a well spec SR3 Supersport , 6 speed seq box / red lines at 11K rpm with a power to weight ratio of over 500bhp per ton which in comparison is an absolute bargin :)

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oohh Dave, I am Jealous!!!

Bring it on a track day and take me out in it, pppplllleeeeaassse!?!?

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Blade, how about an inflight movie, have you installed the parachute and life jacket yet? Seriously though, what else is there?????????????


P.S. How about n.o.s. oooops sorry, watched Fast and amp; Furious again last night!

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As said just enjoy it thats what you spent all that money to do.
Invite every one to Cadwell Park or Oulton park for FREE !!and have white knuckle rides FREE!! to all,
Let all have a go driving the car for FREE !!
Strip the car down and try to put it back together yourself writing a service and technical manual on the way.Cause no bugger is going to know how fill the radiator after all your add ons.

JUST HAVE FUN , sounds like you get bored to quickly ?

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I would get one of those GrN/A gear boxes with huge straight pignons in them that enables faster gear change, is that what you call a dog box? It must be, you are certainly not talking about one of these little wooden houses for dogs... ;)

I am surprised you say it is that expensive. Remember I told you my rallye team have them brand new for under 5000 GBP? I am sure I could negotiate something for you, 4k sounds possible. This is just to help, I am not making any money of of it.

Other than that, I agree with Ian you should try and take some more weight off. It is certainly not economically viable but if that is the only thing left to do and you want to do it and have the money to do it, then do it! :)

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quickshifter,full throttle gearchanges !
worth a couple of seconds a lap ?
launch control ?
lighten it some more,
titanium/alloy/carbon .......everything !
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