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As some of you know I am starting to look for a 6.

Need to buy - latest 3.03.2002

What should I pay do you think?

I have seen anything from £17200 to £22000



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When I got mine T reg 99, 7 months ago or so it had 2,500 miles on the clock I paid 23k , it had a few mods Year warrenty left etcetc.. !

I would say around 16-18k for a T reg like mine, with around 15-18k miles..

Or 21k for a newer 6 with anything from 3-9k miles on...

Around abouts!! :)

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A good way of assessing values is to check regularly on http//, or http// . They update regularly. When lookng for mine, I would ring people who's car had been ther for a while asking if they still had it. If they had sold it, I asked for how much. If not, chances are it was overpriced. Be prepared to get some abuse, though! :) £17-22K sounds about right depending on age/ mileage/ condition! Prices for 6's do seem to have come down a lot in the past 9 months. Probably 'cos you can buy a new 7 for £25k ish!

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InsBro (Jeremy)

A very nice VI is advertised by sonic on the Cars For Sale with all the right mods to begin with. :)

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looking at this months top marques makes interesting reading. The same cars vary a lot in price.

IMO you shouldn't be paying more than 19,995 for a private deal. So that means around the 19,500 mark.

If you have part ex or need dealer facilities then I would haggle them down (buy before the winter ends whilst their sales are crud) and not pay more than 21K

Only exception to that was a mint RSII that Ralliart had. Not sure they still have it but it was very very tempting with just 3800 miles, 330bhp, close ratio box, HKS exhaust, quick rack etc..

see my buying guide if you haven't already


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The price you pay should be based on the condition and mileage. The age means nothing if the mileage is to high and the condition bad. Most people stay away from high mileage EVO's. I dont know why but they do. Also buy a car with not many owners so you can speaking to the previous owners. The numbers of owners will affect future re-sale value.

I have purchased two EVO 6's. One about 2 years ago which I only paid £21,000 from a dealer and one about 2 months ago which I paid £21,450 private. This seems high for a T plate EVO 6 but the condition was better than a lot of six month old cars. This car also had a number of sensible mods that would have cost me a lot more if I had bought a standard car and modified it. Cheers Jerry.

Modifications dont normaly increase the value of a vehicle but if you are not thinking of keeping the vehicle standard it is better to buy a car with a few sensible mods so that you dont have to pay out to have these done. Once you get the tuning bug it can really hurt the bank balance.

The manufacturers warranty doesnt mean alot if the car is modified so dont let this be a selling point. There is a number of companies that provide good warranties up to the value of the car.

My advice is dont rush and look at as many cars possible. You will know if the car is the right one.

I would say anything from about £18,500 - £22,000 should get you a good car. Ralliart and Warrenders always have a good selection but dont be frightened of buying private.

Good luck with the car search.

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