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Just wondering what to buy myself for Christmas, any views. I have an evo 4, running a full Magnex exhaust, Blitz sus, HKS bov and a Blitz fatt turbo timer. Just bought a boost gauge, so what would you guys reccomend I buy next ? Only looking for wizzy bits. Ta

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Eibach springs, B and amp;M short shift kit, full leather re-trim (nice), AP brakes,
Link ECU, HKS Manifold, 6 speed sequential gearbox, roll cage, harness,
HKS plugs, HKS cams, neon light kit, ICE install (3 x JL10W3 's in boot)
nitrous kit (just fitted one to the FTO and its mental).

Just some ideas.......

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Yes Custard, I use Trev; he must be round the corner from you yes ?

Trevor at Highpower makes very good kits, the Ecoblaster 100i is the
kit to go for, comes with everything you need to get going, including a
full bottle of gas (5lbs); price for this kit is £489|PLS|vat|PLS|del.

At the moment, im doing a free upgrade from the 5lb bottle to the 11lb bottle,
mainly because the 5lb bottle just wont last long enough.

I charge £225inc to fit the kit, so your looking at £800 all in.

Kit comes with a 25bhp jet, which should give about 35bhp on an evo,
wont make a big difference, but as soon as a turbo sniffs NOS it spools
instantly !

We have a couple of demo cars, my FTO with a 50bhp jet, a Scooby with a 33bhp jet
and a 1.4 nova with a massive jet, its been dynoed at 170bhp|PLS|, believe me...this car is incredible,
it would have an evo up to about 80odd....ROFL !!!!

NOS is taking off in a BIG way (thanks to Fast'n'Furious!), so if any of you guys get
blown away by a fiesta/corsa/nova/civic dont get too upset....its probably been


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Out of interest, the bigger BHP jets cost £10 and take 5mins to fit,
we offer a bottle refill service at Brands Hatch and NOS will not
damage your engine, infact, it brings combustion temps down !!
(as long as you dont take the **** and run 200bhp jets..ROFL)

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And the funniest part is pushing Waynes NovascortestastraRS 'til the bottle expires or he chuffs it into the scenary :):):):)
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