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ive got a dilema
im in two minds at the mo wether to get the tein flex coilovers or wether to get my 'knocking' problem fixed using second hand parts.....
ive had the knocking noise for about a month now and its getting on my nerves...i took it to the garage for a once over to pinpoint the 'knocking' problem i had at low speeds turning on full lock (left and right)....he said it was the left strut........does this mean i have to replace just the two front struts or do i have to buy two new top mounts too...i can buy two used low milage struts for £150 off sum1......
i went to Mitsubishi garage for a quote on two NEW struts,
they quoted me £284 EACH!!!(570 odd quid)
i would go 4 the tein flex but moneys a bit tight after xmas...
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