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Hi, evo folks. I need your advice.

Been under the car recently and noticed that on the clutch housing there is a rather big rectangular shaped hole on the housing. It looks the same thing I highlighted here:

Although on the photo it is not clear either it is a bung there or it is a cross hatching from the casting. And also, the one on the picture above is 6-speed gearbox, not exactly the same thing I have here.

I am sure it is not the service hole for removing the throw out bearing though, because that one is round and has a proper bung on it.

So, what might it be. And what mitsu part is the corresponding bung. As I can't find anything in the service manual for the car mentioning that particular hole there ? :wallbang:

PS: the car is evo 7, and the gearbox is stock 5 gear W5M51.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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