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What is the...

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electronic parts catalogue for Mistsubishi called and where can I get it from :D

I use the Vauxhall EPC all the time and its dead handy to finding part numbers etc

Cheers :cool:
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Can anyone shed some light on this please :)
After one myself used to have one for my rover if you manage to get on give me a shout please
It's called CAPS, and if you ask the parts guy at your local Mitsi stealership nicely, they might give you last years version for nothing (they get an updated version every year). It worked for me........;).
Can anyone help with where I can get a copy of this please?

Cheers :D
yeah its japcaps, i have a copy but the later cars dont seem to work, so i want a new copy too :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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