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Just coming up to 8k miles and my pads need replacing, unlike most of the people on here I actually find the standard brake setup pretty good. I've never had any issues with it, except fade sometimes when driving very hard on roads I don't know (brake more!). But I think the compromise between hot/cold performance etc OK.

Therefore I would like to fit the standard material again, Mitsi want around 500 quid :cry: for the parts (front and back), looking through Demon Tweaks I can get pads for around 200 quid :D . But which ones do Mitsi use???? Any ideas?????



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Replaced my front and rear pads recently for Ferodo DS2500, which are noticeably better than the original pads.

The original pads that I removed had Brembo written on them. However I thought these pads gave a very wooden feel to the brake pedal.
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