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Evoni - end of the species?

Far, far away, in another galaxy, in a dark cave illuminated only by the light from the MLR, shelter the remnants of a once proud race – the evoni are almost extinct - the halcyon days of the scandinavious evonicus are just distant memories.

Trying to retrieve past glory and attract new breeding stock, a long journey was made across the stars for a visit to Mount Eifel, to honour the Gods at Nurburgringo Nordschleifi and see who could challenge for Lord of the Ring

Although the biggest gathering of evoni for many a light year, many could not keep track of the day and some lost their way, some were all at sea and had a sort of admiralanus where time is more important than sense and kissed the mouth of armconicus – by the will of the spirits of the 3 headed monster di amond, the evoni did not lose any from the gene pool although its quality was beginning to be worrying

To replenish the Force they recite mitsu bishi allus and tried a visit to one of the sacred places, a visit to Spafran Corchamps – maybe a last chance to show speed and agility in the tarmaco world

Many tried to show the evoni still had a part in the evil empire and that the force was strong in them but the ancient chant ohs hite was heard as a 360 was the fastest a sargi taffionus could do

And on the smooth skin of ard en, some found Rit Chw, a state of mind where there is an excess oily secretion and an explosive and messy experience – more of a con than a rod some thought – an experience devised by the blind dwarf ogod itsafook tengine

The aged Soothsayers are muttering that we could be seeing the end of the Evoni as a dominant force - the dark side is diminishing in its influence, indeed the Force appears to have moved

They have evolved as Darwin predicted – facing aged and infant warriors in the frightening world of sprintus straitus stupidus they now look like Sonico Hedhodgicus – a funny spiked top - and nowhere to go at the end

And the heart of the Force, fourgeesixthree is to be no more as the Mi-Vec is to be the future!

And as the galaxy expands through a new millennium the end is in sight – the evoni are dead – long live Citroenas from land of frogonis, masters of the rally games, rulers of the WRC

But a smile is still seen amongst the aged evoni for they have seen the force, enjoyed the dark side, ridden the curves of the universe and know the eternal truth. . . .

. . . ‘happiness is not a straight line’
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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