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Instead of properly developing the Evo 7 into a WRC car Mitsubishi concentrated on continued development of the Evo 6 using Group A rally rules for aslong as possible. Not suprising when the Group A Evos has been so successful. Mitsubishi stuck with a Group A car when all the other manufacturers had developed WRC cars, some for several year before Mitsubishi did. Basically, WRC rules allowed for more modifications to the homologated car that Group A rules did.

Ultimately though, Mitsubishi were forced to introduce a WRC car by the FIA after being given special dispensation for the Evo 6 Group A car and Group A rules. It was not something they would of otherwise done at that time. When launched late in the 2001 WRC season the Evo 7 proved to be under developed and uncompetitive.

I've little doubt that Tommi Makinen would have won a 5th championship if Mitsubishi had stuck with the Evo 6 Group A car in 2001 which was still very competitive at the time. I think Tommi saw th writing on the wall and jumped ship to Subaru.

All this happened about the time Mitsubishi started having financial difficulties and justification for a proper WRC programme was not possible which led to them pulling out of the WRC altogether and even now they are only embarking on a partial WRC championship.
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