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wrc rallying as a whole has went to the dogs over the last two years. teams pulling out all round the place. its very hard to watch. there were only 2 drivers in the championship last year and one of them broke his arm near the end of the season.

as for mitsubushi. i dont know wat is going on there in the world scene but i watched the wrc team with mark higgins & andrew nesbitt in donegal last year on tarmac in them and they were amazing. i cant see wats wrong with them in the wrc. the cars performed great both leading at one time or another.

in group n rallying in ireland the evo's cant be beaten. marcus grondholm and the wrc ford team are in galway in 3 weeks time so that should be interesting. the ford team are practising for the wrc in ireland in november.

im hoping for a better wrc this year but if not at least ireland has some first class rallies and drivers to watch.
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