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I have a standard E6 GSR and want to spend some money tuning it. Basically, I want to up the power and torque without making the car undriveable. Currently my thinking is that I'll start with a Super Dragger exhaust, APexi induction kit (or Ralliart panel filter) and leave the cat for the moment (to safeguard fuel cuts).

What after that? Downpipe, cat replacement, electronic mods?

Can't be too extreme, otherwise my fiance will leave me......;)

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Get a Superdrager or Blitz nur or 5 Zigen Exhaust, all in the same price range.. Go for a HKS Mushroom FIlter/Induction kit or similar.. I would take the cat off, I have a gsr with breathing mods and get no fule cuts at all, and its been RR at 313 BHP..

If you like Dump valves VTA types, go for the HKS ssq.. I would also Lower your car, although I aint an expert on suspensoin.. Mine has HKS lowerd springs on it, it came with them..

I would also go for a oil temp gauge and boost gauge.. Looks good, and is a must when starting to mod your car.. U can then tell when the engine is warm enough to thrash.. And you can tell if ya leaking boost etc..

So my suggestions for now are-

HKS/Blitz/5zigen Exhaust.. £500-600
HKS/Induction kit.. £150-£250
HKS/SSQ (if you like the sound) £250
De-cat pipe.. £50?
Oil Temp Gauge.. £115
Boost Gauge.. £115
Lower the car.. £Dont know..

The for more expensive mods, go see a tuner like RC or Power Eng..
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