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I won a competition on the Warrender's website and got to spend the day with Warrender's and RC Dev on Sunday. Thanks to all the guys there they made the day absolutely great.

I got to go in Simons E7 380. All I can say is WOW. He was really going for it and the car stuck almost like it was dry. The car looks a lot better in the flesh than on a picture. I didn't like the dash as much as a 4/5/6 but a great car never the less.
Also go out in a STI 7 340 (thanks Joseph). He only had it 3 weeks and you could see the grin factor big time. Nearly broke my heart when he filled up and paid almost a pound a litre. I think it might have been cheaper to pour vodka in there.
I also went out in Simon and Julie's Skyline. I was amazed at how much quieter than the EVO's that was. Being a lot quieter it did not seem as though we were going as fast as others. Until you look at the clock that is.
Got a session in a 5, which had been tampered with. There was no way that was standard.
I think the highlight of the day was in with Clive of RC, who was driving Ben’s car a 400 Bhp monster. I've driven a Lambo Diablo and thought that was quick, no way. He had the back end hanging out all the way through Coppice, loving every second of it. It was P*ssing it down by then. Do you think he slowed down? No, he just used the slippery conditions to get even more sideways. Outrageous.

Well all these great guys did was convince me that I must get one. I think I'll have to put some more time in on the Pizza deliveries.
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