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When my clutch eventually goes tits up (Evo 6 GSR OE single plate) I would like to replace it with an uprated item as the standard one is not so grippy (it bogs down or slips for the odd occasion when I want to pull away quickly).
A few questions then:
How long will the standard clutch usually last with normal use (GSR OE single plate)?
What uprated clutch do you recommend that you don't need to have leg with the strength of an elephant to use (reasonably easy town driving is important)?
Cost of the clutch?

I have heard that the AP organic plate is quite reasonable in all the above respects (unsure of the price though). What about the OE RS twin plate? Any other recommendations (preferably from someone who has had experience of the their recommended clutch in use)?


Heave Ho Six

(Oh yeah I do know the correct procedure for launching its just hard to do and I don't like the clutch smell!)

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Back to couple of months ,I had the same questions about clutch for EVOs..
I did think about the twin plate heavy duty clutch , but I was told it`s not easy for town driving.

Standard clutch on your EVO will last you around 20,000 miles or perhaps 30,000 miles. I changed mine when it was around 26,000 miles.
Now I am using the AP organic clutch, pretty happy with it. Price should be around 180 quid if I can still remember properly.
I can tell the AP organic does better job than the OEM one, and also pretty comfortable for town driving.
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