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Ok, obviously the EVO is awesome - but what about other cars? What would you have in your garage (with limitless funds)

I would have (in no particular order):

Evo 6 - Of course, will never sell my car!
996 GT3 - amazing car, ready for the track and superb at it.
964 RSR - Even more amazing that the GT3
Caterham R500 - Awesome track car - not sure I'd fit in it though!
BMW M5 and M3 (new ones, not the old) - Both great road cars and pretty good on track too
Ferrari F40 - Well, do I need to say anything about this car? Awesome, I want one!
Ferrari 550 Maranello - Never forget driving this - amazing car. A cruiser, but what a cruiser!
BMW X5 7ltr (prototype BMW) - Less than 8 seconds round the ring with the wife and kids and luggage!
Mercedes AMG SL - New model, because you have to have a touring convertible in the garage, and this is an impressive technological car, and pretty too.

Ok - just need a lottery win now!

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recently went on one of these supercar experiences.

cars i got to try were:
Jaguar XKR Supercharged (auto)
Dodge Viper
Lambo Diablo
Porsche 911 Carrera
Lotus Exige

round an airfield track

Obviously all were fun. The biggest surprise package on the track: The Porsche. And it was a 1985 B reg!!! Needed careful gearchange due to no spring on gearstick but superb drive. Mind you it was smelling a bit of burnt oil by the time I finished! :) heh heh heh. Well you gotta get your money's worth haven't you! :)
Totally turned me on to Porsches though. The chap giving us the lowdown at the start of the day did say that the later 911s were a lot less involving and fun etc. Can't comment on this but would love to get hold of a similar car to this one for a while. They're not cheap though, even at that age :(

Which one felt the quickest in a straight line once you're up and running? Both me and my mate thought it was the Jag!

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I guess you meant 8 minutes round the ring. Talking about the X5 Le Mans 12 cyl 700 bhp...

I would maybe like to get a tuned Yes Roadster with short gearbox. Or also a modded Maranello to slide a bit. Like the sound with the Tubi Steel exhaust. Needs the Fiorano kit though...

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Have you lot seen what blades already got in his garage? A firkin lot thats wot! Hands up everybody who hates blade?

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Well, I know of a guy (a friends friend, I know, very official...) who seems to have unlimited amounts. Here's a list of some of the cars this guy has:

3 x RS4 one highly tuned, two standard ones in different colors
Ferrari 360
Ferrari 550
Porsche 911 Turbo
Porsche GT1
A AMG CL original F1 pacecar (no joke, it's got the lights, writing, tuning. I think Merc made a series of 25 of which he got one. You'll understand why he's a preferred customer in the next few lines...)
'99 (was that when the CLK flipped in Le Mans?) the two remaining Le Mans CLKs
2x DTM C-Class (he bought two packages of CLK|PLS|DTM C-Class à 2,5 Million DEM!!!)

These are just the cars that I know that he owns for sure, cause my mate has seen them but of course he's got shítloads more. I'm trying to get my mate to introduce me to him :) cause he does this rather interesting thing twice a year when he rents the Nordschleife for a day, brings some of his cars (last time even one of the CLKs), invites some mates (my mate was invited but couldn't go!!) and everybody just drives around the Ring in some rather exotic cars. Now, just to say again, this is not something I made up, this really is the truth and I would love to be him for a day...

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I havnt that much insperation of owning too many cars .

911 turbo whale tail type would suit me .never driven one so could go off that idea.
The audi Rs4 1/4 mile in under 12s for an estate.
Escort cossie all the trimmings .
A BMW 3 series touring car made rd legal BTCC .
One of those Noble gatget things.
A rally prepared car preferably a mitsi but even a pug would do.
Fully loaded cherokee jeep.
Cars #### me off most of the time apart from EVo's.

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TVRs - look good, sound great, go link stink. Shame about the reliability.
Bugati EB110 or McLaren F1.
Ronart Lightning V8 - stand out from the crowd !

We can all dream, can't we !

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Porsche 917/30 Can Am car from the seventies.

0- 60mph 2.4 seconds
0-100mph 4.2
0-200mph 10.8


1100 ish hp turbo flat 12. (5 0r 6 litres?)

Special wide cockpit for the driver's balls!


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deTomoso pantera just coz i like the look of it.
incongrous yank mobile with tuned 440cu for traffic light grand prix.
Megabusa for trackdays.
Racing rig (smell those diesel fumes) for picking up birds and shaggin' 'em in.
Mini with vtec engine in.

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I think my garage would look something like this:

Lancer GSR (Monday)
Evo III (Tuesday)
Evo IV (Wednesday)
Evo V (Thursday)
Evo VI RSX (Friday)

Weekend Cars
Pagini Zonda C12S (check out the exhausts :))
Aston Martin Vanquish (long distance tourer)
AC Cobra 427 (just for the grunt and muscle car looks)
Ferrari F1 car (the ultimate trackday car!!!!)

And that'll do for now.


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One car that I'd like to own one day is a Cadillac Eldorado Indy500 Pacecar. I think it was from '78 or something. Saw it in a magazine for sale once 8,4l big block with 500bhp, don't know about the torque but it must be somewhere around 700nm.

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McLaren F1 .... still the fastest standard production car and, by all accounts, just as easy to drive to the shops and back on a Sunday morning (if you couldn't afford a slightly more practical car)

Ferrari F40 ... because it's one of the last of the true supercars, can be tuned to 1000bhp and, by all accounts (again, I've not driven one) isn't a beast when driven hard.

BMW 330d ... a brilliant, brilliant car when you consider it's just a diesel. I had one as a courtesy car for 2 days once. Great fun.

Porsche GT3 ... for the track. Not sure about a GT2 though.

Blade's Evo 6 ... had a ride in that on Weds and it's easily the quickest point-to-point car I've ever experienced.

BMW M3 ... (obviously) one of the best all-rounders money can buy (IMHO) as long as you don't need 4 doors.


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I would have a Noble

a) because its a good car
b) because its different

I get fed up with all the same old choices , we know that GT3`s and amp; F360`s are as good as road cars come but for a third of the price a Noble gets my vote!

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Dave, yeh, forgot about the Noble - me too! Top car. if that existed before I started on my EVO, I may have bought it! (Yikes, put my flameproof suit on quick!)

The Zonda Pagani S - yeh, that looks damn good - bloody quick, but lightweight too. Much better than your Diablo ******.


I think my wife would vote for hating me! She hates BMW's and hates EVO's, so the thought of having my EVO anywhere near the house horrifies her! Infact, the only thing she likes about me tuning it is that it spends most of its time in someone else's garage being worked on, so she doesn't have to see it.

As for the BMW - her opinion is that they are driven by sales guys who have hit their quota!

So, she would definitely vote with you :)

Anyway, I only have the two cars now :D :D, well 3 if you count her XKR - which is pants IMHO. can't believe I used to own one...

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The most fun I have had with a car before my Evo is with a Renault 5 Turbo 2. Just because of the outrageous looks, noise of the engine and mad performance (in those days).:)

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JUN EVO VI TME around 700bhp
EVO VII around 500bhp
Ferrari 360 modena with challenge parts
NISSAN SKYLINE R34 around 1400bhp
MTM RS4 520bhp

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Some great cars! I can only agree with almost all the choices. I would like to add

Triumph 1600 TC saloon, but only because of back seat memories ;)

On a more serious note

Road legal Porsche 935 - got blasted by one many years ago on the M25. I was in the outside lane in my Renault 5 Turbo 2 ( Mark1 - totally agree) doing about 100 when it jst appeared behind. I pulled over ASAP, it changed gear and floored it and promptly spun the wheels. F**k!

Have to agree also with Lightspeed, although I would have gone for the 917 LM (Le Mans). I was lucky enough to be driven for 3 laps of the Indie circuit, Brands Hatch, on a special dealer day when I was 16. I nearly s**t myself and wanted to ask the driver to stop! The first cars had a 4.5 litre engine (1971 I think) whilst the Can Am I think went up to 6.5 litres with turbo.

But if you asked me what I would own at the moment, well I actually have it - my 7 Extreme - but I want to modify it to make it the ultimate.

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EVo - best all rounder bar none, wet or dry, big boost, big image and it handles too

340r - best road/track hybrid, the most pleasurable and amp; sweet handling/feeling car Ive ever driven, all the seminal qualities of the elise only a lot more so

Esprit Sport 300 - The best handling heavy car ever, by a long way... only 55 ever made

Caterham SLR - crude engineering and amp; handling, crap road car but a must have for the ultimate intense circuit experience, better than the R500 and almost as quick

theres loads more cars that I like/admire etc.. (lotus carlton, Metro 6r4, Paginin Zonda, diablo, F40 etc..) but talking reality, if I could afford another 2 cars then the above would be exactly what my garage would look like.

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ok, this looks fun..... living in fantasy land..... unlimited funds :)

* Red TME Evo 6 (fully loaded)
* Black EVO 7 Xtreme
* Ferrari 360 Modena
* Lotus Exige (to play with :))
* Honda Civic Type R - for a laugh
* Fully modded Nova special that I could blow up !!!! Clarkson style
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