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What Bhp did u guys/gals get?

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What Bhp did u guy/gals register @ John Nobles?

and with what mods?

I wanted 2 go but it clashed with my m8s Stag do and amp; my final mods R going on this Thurs. I say final cos can't really afford 2 keep spending that much on mods! well this year anyway unless a big boost in wages happens sooner!
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I never went to that, but I have been to John Nobles before..

I got well..have a look..

Mods at the time, |EQU| HKS filter and HKS SuperDragger..
As your doing some research, here is my results from Saturday - EVO VI RS.

318.5 BHP and 290 lbf-ft torque - But been advised running lean and boost gauge is .1 optimistic, so maybe not a good indication.

Engine performance related mods are

Ralliart Sports ECU, Boost peaking at 1.5, sustained 1.4
ARP GPA Rod Bolts
HKS Super Air Flow Filter
HKS Supper Dragger Exhaust System
Decat Pipe
Aluminium Pedal Extensions (Maybe Not)

Before Decat and ECU running 1.1Bar, same rollers was 298 BHP and 272 lbf-ft torque and wasn't running lean.

This seems to be a little lower than average car with same mods.

Hope it helps.

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I would have thought running those mods |PLS| RA ECU and that level of boost you would be seeing around 340-350 BHP. From experience many cars have produced 318|PLS| BHP with a simple full exhaust|PLS|filter swap.
You may need an uprated fuel pump, the standard one can be marginal at higher boost pressures and cause you to run lean.
Thread hijacked successfully :)

Clive thanks for the advice, I have read similar comments. Anyone know if a slightly blocked fuel filter has ever caused this problem?

I will probably have to get the boost wound back, until I can sort out a better pump. (If thats whats required)
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