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Ok after 9,000 miles and numorous trackdays I have finally finished off my SO1's.
Next question is what do I put on now? Most people say SO2's.

What I want is a good road tyre but also a wet weather tyre I can use on the track.
SO2's still fit the spec but what are the alternatives?
Someone has suggested top of the range Falkens.

Come on guys what do you think?


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Pirelli Pzero is what I have now and they are really good on the wet conditions.
It's a quiet old tyre,seems to be a little less 'rigid' but it's made with the best rubber and it really grips.
S02 are good too but they tend to get used very fast at the inside and outside corners.
Yokohama avs sport are really good but maybe a little bit more for dry conditions
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