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week for week

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i use to drive the evo as a daily drive

now i have the van and the wifes car i only get her out now and again and when i do its a right treat peeps

who does the same :confused:
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Best way Jase, try taking it off the road for 3mths a year too, imagine what thats like!! :eek:
me to

except when the van has a water pipe go and it takes 10 days to get a new one
oh dear i'll have to drive the evo again :D
I bought a cheap run around but I prefer driving the evo as a daily car.
I`ve got a Ford Focus diesel company car, 25-30k miles per year . I`ve had my Evo for 6 months, done 2k in it.....nuff said :)
dito it's a right treat when i do get to drive the evo
Vivaro for most of the time, makes the Evo feel great!!!

I have the wife's Focus RS to use but it just feels gutless :rolleyes:
Pug 106 (1.0 litre!) for work or wife's Audi A3 1.9 Sportback company car if shes not using it.

Evo for days off and still get a buzz everytime I drive it :D
My Pug 106 diesel make's the Evo feel so much more fun on a weekend. Cost me £600 and it was mint.....until somebody reversed into me the other week giving it a small dent. I'm hoping for a £400 cheque. Now that's cheap motoring!
Once every couple of weeks, stops the novelty wearing off!
duran said:
i use to drive the evo as a daily drive

now i have the van and the wifes car i only get her out now and again and when i do its a right treat peeps

who does the same :confused:
Last time i drove mine mate was 3 months ago,then i sold it and am now the proud owner of a handful of pugs,the latest of which is a nigh on 200 horse Mi16 beastie :coolsm:

Still miss the evo though :rolleyes:
Yes I'm the same, I've got a Passat Tdi as a family car and the missus has got a Saxo which I use for work. The Evo is just used as a toy.

It only done 2000 miles between the last 2 mot's.
im in on this 1
ive done 3k in 2 years so when i drive it, it makes me feel alive :D :D :D
54,000 miles in the last 27 months.evo 8 260 and evo 5 .the rush hasn't worn off yet.
Had mine out today, first real good run in a while, went to the Bubble meet. But i`m with you Jas, just bring it out every couple of weeks, i think you appreciate the performance/handling etc more aswell this way............. :D
Its ok for you 2&3 car families but us normal people have only 1 car an EVO :D ...........................Yippie my only drive
Every day at the moment,every miles a smile but costs a fortune in fuel !so im looking forward to getting a banger and using it on special occasions (weekends and hot dates lmao )
I bought the EVO so that i COULD use it everyday. My old 700bhp mk4 supra was a bit of a handful in the wet and cold so i had 2 cars. I'm hoping the EVO will suffice for an everyday car, even with 500bhp, when i get there. Surely EVO'S are built for the worst that our weather has to offer???
I haven't used me mak since begining of last Nov, got him out yesterday for a blast :D maybe I will clock 500 miles this year, its such a nice feeling to open the garage have a day out and again putting him away :D :D

Roll on the summer :naughty: :jump :roll:

I may even come to visit you Duran :p we could go that strange pub that sells dinner in pyrex lids :confused: :p
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