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We have been invited to G-Force

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email received by my biz partner today regarding new r/r facility in Aylesbury at G-Force M-Sport. They are just around the corner from our offices so approached us re: putting the word out. Does anyone want to arrange to get our arses down there ?

they have about £1 million quids worth of racing Porsche gear for us to oggle over.


From: John Morrison [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, April 26, 2002 12:37 PM
To: Chris Smith
Subject: 26.4.02. G-Force Motorsport Limited

Hi Chris

I trust you will by now have gotten over being accosted at the petrol station by a tall dark stranger!

However, having observed your Nissan Skyline, I could not resist informing you that we will have finished installing a fantastic piece of kit, a chassis dynamometer, examples of which we have pictured with Skylines on them producing 600|PLS| bhp.

It's the first rolling road of its kind in the UK and has a combined four wheel drive capacity of 1800 bhp. Its real attraction is that it does not try, as all UK dynos do, to calculate 'power-at-the-flywheel' which has so many fudge factors involved in it. It does however record extremely accurately the actual power at the wheels to within highly exact tolerances.

One group of potentially interested parties in using our sort of dynos are Skyline/Evo/Subaru users, hence my petrol station approach. It's a group that we hope to be able to provide HKS tuning parts in due course. Any rate, if any of this is of interest do came and have a look. We're at 4 - 5 Edison Close, Rabans Lane. Phone 01296 434084 and let us know when you're coming.

Pardon the intrusion and we look forward to meeting you again.
Many thanks and best regards.

John Morrison
General Manager
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do it and put me down (on the list)
Yes meeeeee tooooooooo
TT VII, better put me down too
I'm interested
i am up for it....

Quite local to me, count me in!!
If you decide to:):D

TT VII - |Any more news on this yet??
out of interest, what sort of dyno is it, is it the one where they jack the car up and bolt ip to hubs?

I was expecting a call from one of the Mgrs down there yesterday - however he's off sick, so I will try him early next week if not heard before.

The dyno should be ready in about 10 days (brand new).

Couldnt tell you what type it is - its got rollers built into a sunken floor area, thats all I can say as I dont know diddly squat about them.

Watch this space
another one of those
ok thanks for the info
bolt up better resolution i think


When you get a date, I'll come!
No worries Andy,

Prob wont talk with them till next week, but will come back to everyone on this thread once I know more

Watch this space
I'd be interested in the date also. If you've got room for a Lancer Turbo. It wont be very powerful but I'd be interested all the same and G-Force are only 30miles away.
Aylesbury or something like that isn't it? I would be up 4 that too- let me know dates...

be good to see my new wheel figure
I will get a date this week

The facility isnt finished as yet - should be within a couple of weeks though

refer to new thread for details here - lets hear from you ....
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