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Re the Steam of your XXXX....

I'm currently thinking of dealing with Warrender's do you have any bad experiences you can share?

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I can't verify any of the following, or claim that it's true - cos I might get done for slander.


I've never been in a position to deal with any North West motor traders for a performance Japanese saloon car, but I did once visit one such establishment. I think it was in Bolton.............

Arrogant, rude and downright unhelpful would be one way to describe the staff.

I also have it on good authority that the warranty consists of..........if anything goes wrong, they'll give you £1k to sort it out yourself. And that's it.

Make your own decisions............

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I too purchased from the same mystery garage in Bolton.

Before the sale... fairly helpful. By that, I mean no less and no more helpful than any other motor dealer. They did answer all my questions, found me the car I wanted, got me quotes for the extras etc. But I had to do the pushing.

But after the sale, I was less than impressed. They promised to send me some locking wheelnuts (I'm still waiting 4 months later). They didn't fit the type of fog light I specified on the order (They said they'd send it to me... guess what? I'm still waiting). They said they'd send through all the paperwork (I had to go get it). And when I went back for my pre-booked 1,000 mile service, the impression I got was that they weren't expecting me.

As to the warranty, it's a standard off the shelf product from Warranty Holdings. And like all insurance based warranties, you need to be careful.

To get this in perspective: I had exactly the same kind of treatment from my local Toyota dealer on my last car, an offical import Celica GT4. I don't think it's just Warrenders... it's the motor industry.

However, because there's no link to the manufacturer when you buy grey, it is more worrying. But no more worrying than if you buy a second hand car.

Are there ANY good dealers at all?

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I live in Bolton and amp; have now bought 2 new cars from Warrenders. (Impreza Type R in August 98 which I then traded in against an EVO V1 in September 99).

I agree with Bloodaxe about the warranty. However, I drove 21K miles in the Impreza and amp; the EVO has now clocked up 8K miles - neither car missing a beat or needing any remedial work doing, under warranty or otherwise.Perhaps I've just been lucky, but I put it down to hard/sympathetic driving, coupled with legendary Japanese build quality! (Fingers crossed that I'm not tempting fate!).I did experience brake judder on the EVO after fitting non-Mitsi locking wheel nuts, but this was cured by using the official Mitsi product.

Personally, I prefer Warrender's Northern no-nonsense style , to having to deal with the typical swarmy car salesperson, who MUST follow his company's formal sales proceedure e.g. sitting you down and amp; extracting a load of personal details even before you start to talk cars! I accept that Warrender's style may rub some people up the wrong way at first (it did me!), but I've now got used to it, and amp; in fact we enjoy what is commonly termed friendly banter ! Again from personal experience, whatever deal we've done has been delivered on time, although SVA test times caused the odd panic along the way.

I have no business/commercial connection with Warrenders, (apart from my very modest sponsorhip contribution towards one of their sales guy's entry in the Ford Fiesta Championship this year, although I readily admit to regularly calling in for a cup of coffee ( and amp;/or pee), to keep an eye on the changing stock of interesting performance cars.
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