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I am having a few problems with my Evo IV........HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When i am on long journeys the Emisson Control warning light comes and the car seems to lose 2 cylinders. I pull up turn the engine off and on and it runs fine.....any ideas?

Then this morning the light to the right of the Emission Control light,(I think its some thing to do with the cat over heating), came on and the car seemed to run out of fuel. My tank was low as usual and I believed it had run out. I got 5 litres put in and then drove 15 miles to a garage with super and filled up.......I could only manage to get 42 litres in confirming I hadn't run out of fuel.

While waiting for the fuel the car was stationary for 35 minutes, may be letting the cat cool down........any ideas?

Also my Blitz ECU was faulty and a replacement is being flown over from Japan. I hope to post the results soon.


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I had the same problem with my Evo4, but I had the engine warning
light that came up the the engine seemed to run on two cylinders.
This problem occurred 3 times and usually after a hard spurt
with lots of roundabouts in between.I stopped the car and turned
the engine off. After a minute I started the car up again and the
problem was no more.
I took the car to Ralliart and they could not find any problems,
and the reason it seems to run on 2 cylinders is that the engine
management has sensed a problem and has switched the car onto safe
running mode, to prevent further damage to the car.
I'm sorry that it's not much help, but just to let you know that
your not alone. border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >
Best advice is to give Ralliart a call or you could call Alan Zini of Dragon Autosport
who is very helpful and will be able to give you the best advice on 01206865444.

Good luck mate!
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