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Copied this from scoobynet.
Just be on your guard


Very worrying, what is the world coming to?

Quote from Bradford Police below


Bradford Police are urging motorists to be on their guard following a series of incidents where people have had their cars stolen from them.
On January 5th, a green Rover car was involved in an accident with a black Honda Prelude car at 7.25 am on Shipley Airedale Road. When the driver stopped his car keys and car was stolen. The Honda has then been used in similar incidents over the last 24 hours.

At 7.50 am yesterday in Back Lane, Clayton, the Honda Prelude, registration number, K174 KWY, reversed into a red Volvo 440. When the
driver got out of his car, leaving his keys in the ignition, one of the passengers in the Prelude got into the Volvo and drove away with it. There
were four Asian males in the car in their early 20s.

At 5.15 pm yesterday in Captain Street, Bradford, a woman was getting into her Vauxhall Frontera when she was approached by a man who told her to get out of her car and attempted to steal her keys. After a struggle the Asian male, aged 17 to 24, wearing a dark blue baseball cap and a cream polo neck sweater left in a silver or grey hatchback driven by a second Asian man in a black coat.

Half an hour later the stolen Honda Prelude bumped into the back of a parked BMW. When the driver got out of his car one of the passengers in the Honda tried to get into the BMW. When he realised what is happening he took his keys out of his car ignition and after a short struggle he ran away from his car with his keys in his hand. The Honda contained four Asian males, in their early to mid 20s, wearing dark clothing.

At 6.10 pm last night, in Allerton Road, a man was driving his X-registered silver Lexus car home. As he approached the dual carriageway
his vehicle was struck from behind by the stolen Honda Prelude. While the driver from the Honda started to exchange details with the Lexus driver his keys were grabbed by a passenger from the Honda. The Lexus driver was punched and kicked and then the offenders drove off taking both vehicles towards Allerton

Between 05:03 and 05:40 today a green Mercedes coupe coming out of the city was stationary in the slip road to the Dudley Hill roundabout when it was struck from behind by a red vehicle, believed to be a Volvo saloon, containing 4 Asian males in their mid 20s. The Driver of the Mercedes got out of the car and walked over to the Volvo when he was attacked by the suspects and his car keys taken by one suspect who went back to the Mercedes. The complainant managed to retrieve the car key and run off with the car keys, leaving the Mercedes in the middle of the road, and called police. The suspects then got back into the Volvo and drove off in an unknown direction.

At 8.40 am today a BMW was being driven in Girlington Road, Girlington when he was involved in a minor collision with a silver Peugeot 406 which was stolen from Clayton yesterday. Four Asian males got out of the Peugeot and demanded the car keys from the driver of the BMW. An altercation takes place and the offenders drive off with the man's car keys leaving him with his car. Police believe people on their way to work have seen what has happened and appealed to them to come forward. The suspects are described as Asian males in their early 20s. One is described as 5ft 11 ins tall, thin, wearing a beige sweater or jacket with horizontal stripes on the sleeves.

Be careful out there folks
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