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I've had a little incident in my EVO IV and amp; need a new front bumber and amp; N/S indicator
the cars Satellite silver but colour doesn't really matter, if anyone can help
please e-mail me on [email protected]

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Looks like it's crash the IV weekend then??
Sorry to hear about of incident but just last night I spun my IV off the road over the Cat n Fiddle pass in Derbyshire, wouldn't have been so bad but I hit a road sign wilst in full spin, DOH, I'm now looking for a new door!!
If you turn up any good breakers, please drop me a line.
I bought a pair of clear front indicators for £40 from Motec, if you want an orange one I could send you my old one??
Take it easy,

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Unfortunately my accident wasn't quite as respectable
I drove into the back of somebody who started then stopped at a T junction!!!
I'd had the car 2 days....... gutted. I haven't got a number for MOTEC can you
help ? if not I would definately be interested in your old indicator
can you e-mail me direct either on my home address or my work address
which is [email protected] so we can discuss, cheers.

thanks for your help !!!
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