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WANTED Pics & Vid of NR Autosport Customer Cars

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If you are a customer of Nicks at NR Autosport and have any pictures or video of your cars that you would give permission to use in the customer car section of Nicks website and possibly in a NR Autosport Screensaver (which will be free to download when complete) please email them to me with a quick note saying it is OK to use them, a brief description of your car, work Nick has done (please keep it to 3 or 4 lines if possible. If you have your own website about the car then please let me have its url too.

Use - [email protected] to send anything you have.

If the video is downloadable then please just pass on the url.


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Thanks for the quick response, keep them coming :)
Cheers, Nick obviously has a big fan club based on the emails that have come in so far :D
Tom Dick said:
Picture sent, maybe you could get the main picture off the MLR calender for may from daveg
Thats an idea :D We want to keep everything copyright free, none will be used for commercial purposes other than putting on Nicks site.
Thanks for the pics so far, and the offers. Dave-G I appreciate the copyright position, thats why we want permission to use any other pics. So please pass any on that you think are OK to use.

Thanks everyone else, the response has been excellent but keep them coming.


1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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