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156mm i beams
87mm wiseco 1400hd pistons
87mm headgasket
Oil pump
25 row oil cooler with lines used or new
Headbolts l19
Rod bolts
Evo 7 rear strut brace used
Id 2000 injectors used
aftermarket inlet manifold used
Pte 6266 or equiv used
Fwd face t3 mani used
Hks belts
Link g4 sensors

Oversized valves
Swirl pot and lines
Bosch 044 pumps

Anything you have from builds that never happened etc
Ive had very good prices from a seller on here so if nothings available i will buy new.


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I have some bits you might be inteeested in??

Power Division S1 Cams. Out of my running Vlll car so in great working order. £320 + P&P

Out of my 8, Manley 'Turbo tuff' 156mm I Beam Long Rods done 40 miles on a dyno... spun as shel but have had them resized by Damico Engines in Norfolk to standard spec! Bargain at
£300 + P&P

Out of my 8, Wiseco 1400hd 85mm Pistons done 40 miles as well £275 + P&P

2x Walbro 255 fuel pumps

*Brand new* S90 Throttle body £120 + P&P

Uprated 3mm lash adjusters £50 + P&P
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