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Wanted: Air box lid for an 8

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There must be loads of people who have ditched the standard box in favour of an after market induction kit on here.

So here I am offering to buy your old air box lid off of you. I presume the airbox lid for the7 will also fit, not sure about the 9, but am willing to take advice. :)

I have cash waiting for a reasonable price, otherwise it's off to the breakers yard for me!

All I'm after is the lid, not the actual box, filter or cold air feed.
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I have one, what did you want to offer me?
Depends how much you want for it! ;)

As a guide this guy wants GBP30 plus p&p for the entire box plus cold air feed and possibly a filter:
I do not have the cold air feed pipe, but have the rest.

What about £10 + p&p for the lid or £20 for the whole airbox + p&p or you could collect I am only 4 miles from J29 on M25

GBP 10 sounds more than fair, you have yourself a deal.

Apologies to everyone else for clogging up the forum with our negotiations, I'll now switch to PMs.

johng39 I'll PM you details.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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