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Walbro fuel pump fitting questions

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Hi guys,

Getting afew bits and bobs for car to get car running at about 370bhp. One of the things is a Walbro fuel pump which I don't think I would be able to fit as I am not very mechanical / techy minded or have right tools.

So I am looking for a price on fitment. What would be a reasonable price? A local Motorsport company near me have said that it would e £72 + vat for 2hrs work if they can get at it under seat? Or 4-5hrs work if dropping the tank?

Any thoughts guys? Or anyone interested in Shropshire area in fitting and I will pay.

Also, I searched previous threads and see Neverneverman does a hard wiring kit - is this essential for me? Does it need to be done at time of fitting pump? What benefits are there?

Thanks guys :D
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You can get access to pump under rear seat,but you need to cut threw the metal fuel pipes to be abke to lift the pump and housing out;)
If you do it that way you then re-join the metal pipes using a small piece of rubber fuel
Lots of people,including tuners on here,do it as above.
The longer job is dropping the tank to fit it,which is the correct way to be fair.
You would probably be better off fitting a new fuel filler pipe at the same time,as most are pretty rusty:thumbdown
Who have you had the quote from?
Severn Valley quoted and trying afew others. Thought it was easy job so tried them... Wouldn't get them doing anything major though.

Thanks for the info mate, would you say it would be a 2nd job doing it the way as above?
Plenty of people do it the cutting pipes way.

Try WB Motors in condover,ex Ralliart mechanic that prepares rally cars:smthumbup
I've done it myself once or twice by cutting the pipes. It doesn't take any more than 15 minutes. It can be a bit tricky and fiddly, but 2 hours is taking an hour lunch break in the middle and then another 30 minute tea break.
Drop the tank and do it the correct way, far safer than cutting pipes.
Drop the tank and do it the correct way, far safer than cutting pipes.
I agree and it only takes a hour or so if you have a lift.
I would rather slam my knob in a car door than take my evo to Severn valley Motorsport. get someone with a knowledge of evo's to do it for you :)
My mechanical skills on an Evo (or any car for that matter) compare to that of a caveman's lol. I would be useless at doing myself and have no equipment like a lift.

What can go wrong if a garage was to cut pipes? Or how long should it take to drop tank and do it properly? As the garage that has quoted so far seem to be taking mick saying 5hrs labour by sounds of it.

Did try WB Motors as I have used him for stuff in past... Text him and he has sent 5 messages so far with no price lol.
I agree Steve that they have an up and down rep, but a fuel pump I hear is very straight forward and thought I'd try them for price. Seem to be taking pee though.

Are you not in Telford no more mate?
Sure if you have a look at the traders list you will find someone local to you.
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