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Just got a bunch available guys!!!!

This is Rays/Volk newest wheel, built to celebrate their foray into F1 Racing :) These are a forged monoblock wheel, with weights similarly light to that of the CE28N, but are 30% stronger due to newer manufacturing techniques and materials.

The following are ready to go - all will fit an Evo 7-Evo 9, without the need for spacers

Bronze 18x9.5 5-114.3 +34 - Weight: 17.6Lbs

$2945.00 shipped (about 1530 pound sterling)

Diamond Black - 18x9.5 5-114.3 +34 - Weight: 17.8 lbs

$3045.00 shipped (about 1580 pound sterling)

Gold - 18x9.5 5-114.3 +34 - Weight: 17.8 lns

$3045 shipped (about 1580 pound sterling)

Optional center caps available as well! All prices include a set of black spline drive lug nuts with key, and hubcentric rings. Rays Duralumin lugs also available!!
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