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Visit Rizzy and his car?

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Just been on e-bay and saw this. Looks suspiciously like rizzy s drive way (remember his aviator) and the vocabluary and freindly manor seem to match?

Perhaps have a meet at his house and catch up and see all his other evos, scoobys, ferraris or what ever other car he had at the time :crackup:

p.s. sorry if this is NOT rizzys car and good luck with the sale ;)
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Rizzy's list of cars from scoobynet!

1.17 yrs audi s3 (got it chipped ) 265bhp/Pranged
2.17 yrs subaru impreza wrx bugeye/Pranged
3.18 yrs evo 7 fq300/Big time pranged
3.5.18 yrs annerversary additon golf deisel/Daddy wouldn't let me have another Evo
4.18 yrs evo 8 fq300/Daddy forgave me and then i Pranged it
5.19 yrs evo 8 mr fq340/Banned from MLR so had to sell
6.19 yrs sti wr1/Too fast
am 20 next tuesday.

"have a clio for a run about 1.1"My own car


P.S. muhahahaha
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