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Just a quick opinion/experience with the Hankook Ventus Sport K104 tyres i have bought and put on my EvoVIII.

Had the original tyres [Bridgestones] from new thought they were ok :) . I am no Evo guru ;) at all but have had my car for coming up a year now and i know with in my limits how it feels.

Now have done 500 miles on new tyres though i would share the feed back. :D

I am a great believer in using parts/components of up and coming companies. I did a lot of research on this tyre & thought i would go for it. I feel companies trying to get initially to the top of the pile provide a better product to make a name for themselves. Sometimes i feel the top dogs of the tyre world lean on reputation not product ;)

Anyhow been out in the rain [proper rain ;) ] and they were excellent. Maybe a little better in my opinion of course.

Dry conditions noticably better than the standard bridgestone & the ride has lost that harse banging real rigid effect. Lot smoother on the road generally.

£248.50 delivered in 5 days to your door from :D :D :D

Hope this helps ;)

Pringle :D
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