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Hi everyone,
First post on LR!

I sold my CT9A in 2011 and just got myself as stock CN9A. I did my own tuning back then but since a decade has passed I have forgotten some of the knowledge and would be grateful for any time given to my questions. I have looked around a bit but the information online is all over the shop and it is hard to know what is correct.

I have a four plug EVO VI ECU MR420403 that I will install. The car is dead stock no mods at all, even factory exhaust. I am not chasing power, ideally I would like to just drop in something like a Ralliart Rom and have access to EVO scan for faults and things in the future.

1: Are the stock IV yellowtop injectors fine to stay in?
2: Are dual maps possible on 4 5 6 these days?
3: Anyone have a guide for adding Pin 79?
4: Any safe drop in Roms like a Ralliart or Mines tunes available?

Thank you!
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