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Just got the car back, and am in the process of running it in for 800 miles (before re-map and boost set to 1.6) - the ecu is currently finding its optimum idle, however (don't know if this is related) the brakes feel awful - although they do not feel spongy, the jolt of stopping seems to have gone and i am a little worried about stopping!

The car is due to go back in 800 miles - but just in case, is there anything I should quickly check (tommorow - as its starting to get dark).

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Gr8 to hear that you have the car back. As for the brakes, there could be a couple of reasons for this. If you have been driving a car that is over - servoed and no feel with the brake pedal, it can take a while to get used to the Evo brakes again. Remember, you do have to give them a good prod. Another possibilty is that if the car has been standing around, the disks could have got a bit rusty and other crap on them. This could have effected the pads. I have recently put in Pagis RS 4-2 pads and this has vastly improved the braking. Hope this is of some use to you.

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it could be that your highly tuned car spools up so early ,you have no vacuum,even at tickover.!!!
however,this is dont worry !!!
hope car is ok now its back

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Thanks All!, Brakes seem to be getting better now! - Must look for bigger disks now (look a bit silly with new Wheels)

Ryan, sorry haven't been around much again - took off messenger from the office (too many staff were chatting)

As regards to the bits that were's the list, including all the bits that were done before (still running the engine in though for 800-1000 miles)

RC Developments 380 conversion, consisting of:
New cams and amp; pulleys
Still unknown internal work
HKS 3-ply metal head gasket
Intercooler pipe kit
Heavy duty valve springs kit
New arp bolts

Apexi AVCR (electronic boost controller)
Apexi S-AFC (fuel controller)
FSE fuel Pressure regulator
Fuel pump wiring mod
HKS racing suction kit
Straight through de-catted exhaust
Rediculously expensive (but ultra light) Team Dynamics 18 Wheels
Toyo Proxy 235/40/18 tyres
New pistons and amp; conrods
The sound system (of course!)
and finally the MLR Tax disk holder!

All currently running at 1.1 bar for 800-1000 miles - then it all gets re-callibrated to 1.6 bar (can't Wait)
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