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i have for sale a few parts that are taking up space so they need to go.
i have a set-

misubishi floor mats e4,5,6 £10 PLUS P&P NOW IN THE BIN
e4,5,6 standard downpipe £25 PLUS P&P NOW IN THE BIN
standard airbox from e7 with uprated hks filter SOLD
standard recirc dump valve £10 PLUS P&P
stereo brakets to hold single din head unit in place of a double unit £10 PLUS P&P
polished standard e4,5,6 and maybe others fuel rail SOLD
sablet seat belt pads (nice ansd think) £10 INCLUDING P&P
set of two h4 super white bulbs £5 PLUS P&P
heater controls £30 including P&p



1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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