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It appears some of you have been making fun of my handle whilst ive been spending time with my daughter !!!!
Obviously checking i wasnt online at the time ??
To put you out of your misery,2nd to Lady Margaret, obviously,Michelle Mouton is my most admired female (LARGE Quattro fan)
I am also infamous for my custard,the only thing i have ever cooked
My kids still shudder when telling the story now

Whilst some of you have scratched the surface of discovering what makes other members tick,and im all for subversion,i feel a more direct and personal question is required
In my opinion,and bearing in mind one of the few things i respect is education/intelligence,i belive you can read more from the answers to the following sort of questions

A. Name your favourite film
B Name your favourite song
C quote your favourite lyric from a song

in order for this to be valid,simply list your answer without explanation,

the explanations come later
and im going last !

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ok here go's

1) life of brian
2) on and on (longpigs)
3) Jesus is a C##t (jesus is a c##t, cradle of filth)

N.B I have not laminated the above yet (friends gag)

ps saw michelle mouton up the hill a goodwood a couple of years back in the famous audi...awesome sight.

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A: The Matrix
B: Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode (sorry its a essex thing))
C: You mess with me ill get rid of you (new order)


ps. i dont like the way custard is going last so no doubt this is going to back fire.

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A. Bladerunner
B. Choose Life (PF project featuring Euan Mc)
C. i was so upset that i cried all the way to the chip shop (jilted john, jilted john)

Mout, have you been at the funny pills?

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B:House of Pain-Jump Around
C:G`s up hoes down while you mother#uckers bounce to this(Snoop dogg-The shiznit)

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2. BRIGHT EYES (from the film)


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A) Shawshank Redemption

B) Papua New Guinea - The Future Sound of London

C) Do you often sink whiskey just for fun?, Do you feel sometimes that age is against you? - Land of Sunshine, Faith No More

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!/ Pulp fiction

2/ All of the Cure especially Boys don't cry ,its all fkin brilliant. Pretty vacant by the Pistols.
All of Gene loves jesbel.

3/ drive my rocket up uranus Baby!. Alien sex fiend. who cares about the lyrics in trance/dance/drum and base and by the way I don't swing the other way,strictly hetro,electro, retro in a Mg metro.

And when I' in agood mood !

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At 1715 on the 16th December 2001 I'd say:

The Usual Suspects

Bassheads - Is there anybody out there?

I was detained, I was restrained, he broke my spleen he broke my knees then he really laid into me
Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before - The Smiths

...but if you ask me in 10 minutes you'll probably get a different answer!

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A: Dark Star (John Carpenter, 1973)
B: Green Grass and High Tides Forever (The Outlaws)
C: Either:
If they catch you in the back seat
trying to pick her locks,
they're going to send you back to mother
in a cardboard box
(Run Like Hell, from The Wall - Pink Floyd.)
Lloyd-Webber's awful stuff
Runs for years and years and years
An earthquake hits the theatre
But the operetta lingers
The piano lid comes down
And breaks his ####ing fingers
Its a miracle
. (It's a Miracle, from Amused To Death - Roger Waters) - actually, this whole album is filled with fabulous lyrics :D

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Poor turnout people,which words didnt you understand ?

a SIXTH SENSE just for the bit with the video of the mum poisoning the child.......chilling
b PASSENGER...iggy pop
c ive got nothing to say i aint said before ,ive bled all i can,i wont bleed no more .....Sisters of M

but as chunky says,it would be different on friday

we all like similar films,music
are we all the same age ?
or is it
dare i say it
THE SAME STAR SIGN ???????????

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Problem is that you wanted us t be too specific. One choice only in each group. It did allow 3 of us to spend a very pleasant 4 hours playing golf discussing it though.

Best we could come up with was 1 film from each of various categories of film -

Western - Gunfight at Ok Coral;
SciFI - Blade Runner ( original with commentry, NOT Directors Cut)
Computer film - The Matrix ( cheating really, should be in SciFi)
Horror - Alien
War - Full Metal Jacket
Comedy - Life of Brian
Biggest disaster - WaterWorld.
Car Chase - Vanishing Point

Probably came to the conclusion that Blade Runner edged it but still not sure.

Song varied so much that it was impossible to come to a conclusion

Best line from a song - This varied between scaramouch, scaramouch, can you do the fandango ;) to God save the queen and her fascist regeme

Now if the questions were favorate current film, band and album

The Matrix
Linkin Park
New Old Songs - Limp Bizkit

Are we all the same age? Please state whether this is chronological ar mental age ;) After all, we are all boys with toys :D :D

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Alien is no more than a haunted house film with a twist!

Vanishing point has to be the original. BTW second came Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry .

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Fave film - Goodfellas

Fave song - Right now: Van Halen

Fave lyric - I wanna rock 'n' roll all nite and party every day: the hottest band in the world........KISS border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Oh yes, I also saw Michelle drive up the hill at Goodwood in the Quattro and it was defo the best moment of the day, awesome :D
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