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A customer from peterborough dropped me this astra off for detailing as it was suffering from bad fall out and the inside was scruffy, i had previously tinted it 3 weeks before

on arrival

time to scrub it clean

once washed it was time to iron-x the car

inside to clay

paint really flat, white not the best colour to photo


exhaust sorted

wheels and tyres

time to apply some swissvax shield

plastics,rubbers and glass treat

seats and mats cleaned by machine

and outside upon collection

thanks for looking:smthumbup

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Where's he park that to get that amount of fall out? Near a railway line?
Peterborough has a railway system on one side, a powerstation and industrial factories on the other. Its a nightmare for all kinds of c**p falling on the car, I clay mine twice a year and get loads of stuff off it.
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