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The position of evo missionary is available to anyone who would otherwise be bored this christmas
the ideal candidate would bring to the position,

Full international passport
A knack of haggling with Japanese tuning retailers previously unseen to mankind
Be available to fly at short notice

The position offers,

The chance to travel to Japan,all expenses paid
The opportunity to make long lasting contacts for future orders (Start your own import business ?)
The honour of seeing all those trick cars,parts,girls and ok boys too
A fukling good time

My idea is this,

air travel is on its arse,you can go to venus for just over a tenner
many of us want trick bits
if we pool funds to pay our man to go over there.........
we get our bits cheap,he gets a holiday,everythings hunky dory

who wants what,and thinks this is a winner
secondly............who,s going ??

We are an equal opportunities employer,but white trash !

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Interesting this one. Can help you out with this as my missus is Japanese and is an Evo owner. She wouldn't do it just for the holiday though. Lets make a deal.
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