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I have a set of user manuals for sale from a 2008 evo x.

All good condition and includes a service book that is unfilled with car details and has no service stamps

i was going to keep this incase i ever get another evo that has the books missing , damaged or needing the service book to have restamped up, good for someone who needs to replace there handbooks etc


Lancer Evolution Owners manual
Pan European Services - Blank Service Book
Customer Information Supplement , General Operating Guidelines
Green Mitsubishi Extended Warranty
Ralliart leather type wallet to hold all books in

These are rare to find - and even rarer still to get with a blank service book- the service book has the orginal little plactic bag attached on inside cover with appionment reminder stickers etc and map card and window stickers

I have it listed on ebay for £59 with free postage

not sure if i can post ebay links in here, so message me or take alook on ebay if you need one of these
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