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Use your EVO through the winter or not?

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Just wondered how many people use their EVOs through the winter, and how many tuck them away safely until the better weather?
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Fast Asleep

Mine is hybernating over winter all snug under its covers. Although they are designed for shity roads I prefer to keep mine as clean and new as possible. The intention is to not sell her so trying to also keep the milage down. That way I can drive her pretty much when I want in the Spring/Summer months! Not to everyones taste but who cares....
I'm not alone then.....

Rich W do you use a maintenance charger to keep the battery fresh and ticking over?

RichW said:
Here we go again....

... mines garaged, its the only way to keep the car looking fresh; first time they see salt the alloy starts corroding, the metalwork dulls off and they look very tired very fast, i guess it depends on how keen an eye you have, and how long you plan to keep the car :)
1 - 2 of 81 Posts
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