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Urgent Brake problems with my 4~~!!

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hi there

my breakes used to be v.good, after changing the suspension and intercooler hoses, the brake pedal have gone down by alot, before the changes the pedal is quite high and brakes very well, but now i have to boot the brake to the buttom to brake....... its very scary....
i have check the hoses they are all fine......
its standard 2pots
please help me out asap

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Start on this one methodically.

Take of the wheels one at a time and check for n e trapped or kinked hoses.

check for leaks and excessive wear on all pads.

check to see if both sides of the pads are wearing evenly.

I had uneven wear on pads on the front of my scoob b4 and found it to be knackered pots on the caliper so i brought a seal kit and gave it a good strip,clean, service and replaced all seals.

Once all wheels are checked and found to be ok try if u can to check fluid lvls and bleed throughly with the help of another person is always best on to pump the brake pedal and one to open and close the bleed nipple. Check manufacturers instruction to see if there is a specific order in which to do this as i had to do opposites on my calibra when i had it.

When throughly bled, and still same if all brake lines in the engine bay are ok and n e of the rubber hoses arent blowing out under brakeing or kinked etc then the brake servo or master slave cylinder maybe at fault. could be the internal seals.

Granted im no evo expert but these are some basic tests which maybe able to pin point a problematic part of ur brake system as i doubt it would of been due to lowering and the intercooler hoses. good luck :D
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