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How much torque can the original clutch on an Evo 6 Tommi take?

Im uprating mine and want a road clutch thats not too harsh and will not slip.

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Told me that the Ap organic clutch and the paddle clutch have a torque maximum of 310lbft??

Antyone any ideas as mines as gone after 5000 miles.

Thanks all!!

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The AP Organic (full face) and Cerametallic (paddle) are both rated at 310lbft according to the details on the AP website ( ). I have not heard a bad word said about the AP organic but obviously if you have a serious modded car with loads of torque then the AP will be no good.
What torque do you have?

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I have had a high Torque Power conversion done on my car, and since then my std clutch has been slipping with ease, so I went back to Dragon who did the conversion for some advice on new clutches.
I was going to opt for the AP Organic clutch and paddle or the Helix equivilent, but I was told by Alan that they both would not last long with the Torque that my car was producing. He then recommended the HKS Twin Paddle Clutch and Flywheel and was told by Alan and Yan of Dragon that it was the Dog's ######## of Clutches.
Since having it fitted and stalling constantly for the next couple of days I totally agree with them.
Not only does the car accelerate faster off the mark but it also pulls faster after each gear change with a devastating kick back.
I highly recommend it for your car, especially if you are constantly upgrading the performance of car.


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Total cost of my clutch was £1681.43 fitted and inc Vat.

It consisted of-
HKS Super Clutch
Release Bearing
Gear Oils

Best thing is I was told by Alan of Dragon, the best way to bed-in the clutch was to-

Rev car to 5000rpm then dump the clutch and WHeeeeeeWHOOOOoooooooooooSH:D:D:D:D:)
PHew, never accelerated so fast in me life.
Expensive but well worth it!!

Let me know what you decide to go for,


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Thanks for that - I was thinking AP Organic |PLS| Cusco/Jun lightened flywheel which would be fine for my current torque (290ft lbs) - but that doesnt give me that much room for further mods if 310 is the recommended limit. Keep us informed on how the HKS performs. (How come 8 hours labour? - I thought 5 hours would allow for a few tea breaks :) )


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How much firmer did your clutch pedal get with the HKS kit?

I'm about to fit a Cusco twinplate set, which is pretty similar to the HKS. It's rated to about 450HP and about the same torque. I heard that it is substantially heavier on the pedal action than the standard clutch. What's your experience been like?

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The 8 hours included other work carried out on my car, although I was quoted 6 hours for the clutch job.
The HKS is running fine and I am now getting to grips with it.Still giving me strong performance.
Darryl, if you are going to spend your money in upgrading your clutch, then I would recommend you spending the extra on the HKS,
because if you are going to further upgrade your car in the future beyond the AP organic clutch limits, then you'll be spending more
money on a new clutch again.
Hard decision, but its entirely your choice.:)


Yes the pedal action is slightly heavier, but not as much as I intially thought. I was also told by Dragon that it was considerably lighter
than other twin paddle clutches, thats why i chose it.
You'll have to ask about the Cusco, as i am not sure how firm it is compared to the HKS.


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What is the maximum torque limit for the HKS super clutch kit? (this will allow me to see the headroom/cost differences between the AP and HKS items).

Also what are the figures on your car? (this provides a real world test in the fact that you can drop the clutch @ 5000rpm)

And lastly just out of interest, what is the weight of the replacement flywheel?



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hi there
i have had my hks twin platter fitted last week. and all i can say it is brilliant :D. when i first got the car after the clutch was fitted i was aweful to drive in first gear and i managed to stall it at least 10 times in the first day. i had to drive 200miles to pick the car up so when i came home i have done couple of 5000 launchs, giving it rest for a good 5-10min between them. the cutch was trasformed after that. it now drives almost like a standard clutch, i can balance it on the clutch if i want to!! i have got no problems with traffic driving, slopes etc as i thought i would.

the disadvatages are
you get rattling noises if you dip the clutch in neutral, which was alarming to start with until tony said his does the same and so did the dealer
reversing can be a little judery, nothing major though.
the clutch grips so well that changing gear quickly at high revs can mean you get slight judders as well. that is because there is no slippage

so far i have done a track day and a been to a drag strip with it and it has been great. actually i got hte car back on wedensday and i was on track with it on thursday :D.

the flywheel is around 4.1kg if i remember correctely.


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Hi there,

I can confirm all the things sam said, had the same HKS flywheel/twin plate clutch kit installed 2 weeks ago.

I was a bit afraid about all the things said about twin plate kits and the fact they were hard to live day to day but after 2 weeks, i'm still using my car everyday in the traffic like before but it's true it's a nightmare till you have not done yet 2 or 3 5000rpm launches but now, everything is ok!

If you want a good deal on this kit, give justin a ring!

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