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OK so I'm confused!

I'm looking to buy a standard e5. The seller (who imports them for a a living, and sells Rover!) tells me it must run on super unleaded! The only trouble is that all the fuel companies are phasing super unleaded out over the next 12 months (official). I spoke to local Mitsu dealer and Ralliart, both were very vague and said it's up to you if you want to run on normal unleaded, but don't expect Mitsu warranty to uphold a claim for a lunched engine if you do, (sorry HH6).

I don't want warranty to become an issue, I just don't want a knackered engine!

I saw the replies to the thread about the guy wanting to buy an e3, but to be honest am non the wiser.

What do you guys with e5,6's run on? I know the 5 and 6 have the same ecu, so it is relevant to both.

I just want to bake the internals running low octane,is ocatne booster the way forward (despite the cost)? border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Any advice or pointers gratefully received!

Andy (red e5's are bloody gorgeous!)

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Who told you that SUL is being phased out? There are more cars that require SUL today that ever before and no-one has any plans to do away with it.

It'll always be around as long as the Govt. can make more out of poor mugs like us. SUL only costs 1.5-2p a litre more to make yet retails for 6-10p more than PULP. Ker-ching!

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I think this might be a silly question, but I am always wondering about this.

I am just wondering whetehr differnt petrol station's Super Unleaded contains different formula???

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I have run my E4 on S Uleaded for the last 12 months and the other day I couldn't source SU so had to put normal UL in the tank. The car actually seemed more lively?? during light throttle driving and still pulled V well. I didn't notice any pinking except on one occasion when I floored it pulling out of a side road. This was enough for me to drive carefully until I had chance to fill up with SU.

QUESTION: If I lower the boost while using normal UL will it prevent detonation ?


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Read the thread Performance Enginering 95 RON Re-Mapping under Engine Tuning (last added to 26/2/01) which should answer all of your queries on this - and raise even more questions!

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Sorry but they cannot phase out SUL without a suitable replacement same as they had to provide for phasing out 4-star or there will be a massive claim against the government from motor manufacturers. If they are planning to phase it out then your timescale of 12 months is totally unrealistic.
If they do get rid of it does that mean Ralliart are not going to sell any more cars as they won't provide a warranty? I think you will find Ralliart will change their tune if that situation occurs and magically they will make the Evo work with ordinary UL. PE have been doing it for a while now anyway.

Don't believe what everyone tells you. There is no way that it could be phased out within 12 months without anybody else knowing about it at this stage apart from your insider. I'll cross the no SUL availability bridge if and when it happens until then SUL is all that is going into my tank!

How can you be confused? SUL goes in your tank and if you can't get it UL |PLS| octane booster simple as that.

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What murco station sells SUL any way.
The whole petrol station situation is monopolsed by the big boyz.
The inedpendent Ie SAVE that has just been liquidated hardly sold sul.
I must admit when I was up at the rollers at well iffy I had a job to get SUL.
Down this way most virtually every station sells Sul.
I agree that Sul is used very widely.It would be interesting to find out what porche drivers use ,as well as other high performance cars.
Oh well looks like a stock of avgas is required some when in the future.
Lets all fill up at our local aerodrome.
The Octane boosters will be relishing this statement.

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Supermarkets are the best place to buy SUL, i use Sainsbury's. Its sometimes 10p cheaper than ESSO who seem to put 10p on SUL compared to UL. BP is the worst always charging much more than anyone else.

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Quite clearly the availability of SUL varies from area to area.

Down here in the West Country all of the supermarkets have stopped selling it and only Shell have it at the majority of their garages and Esso in selected stations.

On the point of other high performance cars, Ferraris have for some time run on regular 95 RON fuel.

Certainly from a Bristol perspective, SUL is on its way out and it looks like we will all be having to visit Power Engineering for our re-maps.

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Zippy is definitely right about SUL availability.

I go down to Cornwall quite regularly to visit friends and family, and finding SUL is a major pain.

I usually drive down the A303, and once you get into Somerset, SUL all but dries up.

In Cornwall itself, both Shell and BP used to always have SUL at every garage I came across. Now only Shell does, and then not at every site.

When I spoke to the owner of the BP I used to use, he told me it simply wasn't cost effective. He used to get through about 1 tank of SUL every six months. Apart from the obvious folly of this economically, the SUL also drops in octane steadily whilst in the tank. After six months, it's hardly 'Super' at all.

What concerned me more was the lack of SUL at the Oxford services on the M40. When I asked, they said they replaced it with normal unleaded because they didn't sell enough super. If this trend began to occur more widely, then it would be a major hassle even travelling on the motorways.

As someone else said, I think the octance booster manufacturers will be rubbing their hands with glee!


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Im living in Bristol at the moment and have no problem getting SUL(Touch wood). I use the sainsburys at Filton, just of the M32. They only have too pumps but it is there. Hopefully for the next 3 months, while in Sheffield where i usually live i can get SUL from 3 different petrol stations all in a 5 mile radius.
Where abouts in Bristol do you live Zippy?

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When I spoke to Ralliart UK they told me that you can run on
95 RON but power can drop to 250 PS dependant on who's fuel
you use. Super Market fuel as you may guess is generally
lower quality.

The w'tee would not be invalidated by use of 95 RON.

BMW recommend 98 RON for there M cars, same situation.

I have used LRP 97 RON on quite a few occasions as it more
available than SU without any noticable difference.

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Funnily enough I was filling up another motor with UL today and saw the LRP was 97RON and it got me thinking. Is LRP suitable for the Evo or will it eventually bugger up the lambda/oxygen sensor and CAT just like leaded?

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How can supermarket fuel be of a lower grade? It all comes from the same refineries!? There are only half a dozen wholesale distribution points in each region of the UK. Do Tesco/ Sainsbury really buy 90 million gallons of fuel and water it down? I can't see it, can you?

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The quality of the fuel is in its addatives apparently.
I usually ring Texaco swindon 01793 555600 ask for teckie department.
they are pretty helpfull about all fuellling.


Paul s

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I can assure you that super unleaded is not being fazed out , I am currently opening
a New Sainsbury S in Hoddesdon , and we will have two super unleaded pumps ( I won t
take the job unless they put these in ) .
I don t think supermarket fuel is weaker , we buy the fuel from the same people as
everyone else , the best price determines where we get it from .
Also you are less likely to get ripped off at a supermarket , I filled up at a Texaco
the other day , which has unlead at 77.9p per litre , but had no price advertised for
super unleaded , it wasn t till I put the nozzle in the car it showed 90.9p per litre.
hence I only put enough in to get me to the next station.
If I drive my motor with unleaded ( if I can t get super ) it does pink alot more and
I am reluctant to use high revs !!. The best mix for me is supermarket super unleaded
and a bottle of octane boost to wash it down , this dosn t work out to expence and
keeps your pride and joy happy !!.
regards Richard..

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The whole 'additive' thing is a load of ******** as far as I'm concerned. I've personally watched road tankers fill up at 3 refineries (BP Grangemouth, Texaco Pembroke and Shell Stanlow) and all the different liveries fill up from exactly the same point. Unless the driver's stop outside the gates and pour in a bottle of additive (!) then the stuff is exactly the same at Tescos as Esso.

In the words of Flava Flav: Don't believe the (petrol company) hype!
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