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New to EVOs
I have a viii FQ 300, and just want some clarifcation (i am after about 360bhp)
Exhaust, am i right in thinking that the all i need to do to my exhaust is fit a decat as the system is a 3inch from the cat back, (was this fitted by mitsubusi to gain the extra 40bhp over the standard 260 mr?)
Air filter, do i need to go to a HKS type filter? i have fitted the cheaper cone filter (mainly to save money on serviceing) i understand the need for a cold induction however most of the HKS filters are not cold induction? so my thoughts are that the HKS might provide a couple of BHP over the cheaper cone but not much more?
Remap (looks like no real answer to this one) who do i go to? I live in Bedford so someone near would be handy
255 fuel pump looks a given?
What else?
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