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I've had the bottom of my EVO VI undersealed. The question is I've noticed there's body coloured metal in the wheel arches. Do I need to protect these by undersealing them?

How hard is it? If I cover the dampers, can I just spray away with Waxoil until the metal is covered?

Advice by anyone who's done it (If it needs doing) would be appreciated.



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RE:- Do you have to do the wheelarches?

I didn't bother to cover the dampers...Stops them squeeking when they get old border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

In fact the only parts of may car not waxoyled are the brakes and the exhaust.
Don't forget all the little access holes inside the chassis legs and wishbones, etc


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Has anyone had the undersealing of their Ralliart EVO VI examined to see how good a ob they have done? How can you tell it has been undersealed?

Those who have had the undersealing done aftermarket, who have you used?

Sorry for all the questions. TIA.

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Yo Anil,
The metal under the wheel arches are actually titanium strips to prevent rusting, so no need to seal them for protection.


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Arrrrr......that explains the the picture in my Japanese manual of 2 strips under the back wheel arch. I assumed it was something to do with the body kit but that explains it I think. There was no picture of the 'strips' in the front wheel arches however. Given the thin paint coatings used and the lack of underseal as standard (on grey imports) it wouldn't hurt to underseal this area anyway. Just make sure the area you intend to protect is clean, especially now winter is upon us, of dirt and salt etc. otherwise you will just make matters worse by trapping salt next to the bodywork. I suggest you wait to the spring and have the car steam cleaned around the arches and then underseal.

I'm a bit worried when someone said they are using Waxoyl to underseal. However if you mean underseal made by Waxoyl then forgive me. If you use proper Waxoyl as underseal it will last about month before it drips/washes off!

Anyone seen the Japanese manual for the EVO 6? I like the picture of an EVO pulling a lorry with a big cross through it!

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RE:Undersealing -


That big cross across the lorry pulled by Evo, does that mean no towing allowed? Occasionally I have a stupid idea of towing my bike, but something is stopping me every time I think of how ugly it would be looking to have a coupling attached. Mondeo-style.


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No you can tow stuff. I guess it means don't tow stuff thats obviously too much for it i.e. of too greater weight. They show a towing point behind the rear bumper so how the hell you tow anything without the rope rubbing and damaging the bumper I don't know.
I must admit fixing a proper tow bar would look a bit rediculous!

Hmmm...I will try and scan the pictures in and post on here.

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