THE CAR - This is a 2009 (59) plate example and No 4 of only 35 FQ400 X's made and in the highly desirable lightening blue. I have owned the car for 7 years which has been well and truly cherished with no expense spared, garaged full time and SORNED between late October and April each year. I have some £13,000 of receipts for parts, refurbing and servicing from over the 7 years. The car had 19.5k miles when I purchased it and it now sits on 25.1K. The car is currently SORNED, garaged under cover, and on a charger so the mileage won’t increase.

BACKGROUND - The car has 4 previous owners, and as far as I can tell from the historical paperwork. The car was originally purchased new in September 2009 and it was then sold to a dealer in Basingstoke in 2012 with 6.9k miles. It was then purchased by someone in Swindon, who only kept the car for a year and sold it to a couple in Bath in 2013 at 10k miles. They kept the car for a year but apparently, divorced and as part of the settlement the wife got the car, so it was transferred into her name. She then sold the car to a dealer in 2014 at 19.4k miles. The car then sat for sale indoors for 2 years which I then purchased in March 2016. So, it has spent at least the last 9 years not being driven over winters. As a result, it’s very clean underneath with only very minor surface rust in some areas. I have a further video of the underneath upon request.

PAPERWORK - I have a wedge of paperwork and receipts from the cars time with me and the other owners. Including a certificate from Mitsubishi confirming via the Vin number that it is an official FQ400 and also the paperwork showing that it had the clutch master cylinder recall work done in 2013.

The car has not been mapped and is mechanically standard with the original FQ400 exhaust. The AYC is original and works perfectly as does everything else on the car. The car comes with a working Cobra/Vodafone tracker and two fobs and two working keys.

Since purchasing the car I have added :
  • KW Variant 3 suspension with new Mitsubishi top mounts– I have the OEM Bilstein suspension
  • Mitsubishi mud guards
  • cruise control
  • reversing camera
  • part Alcantara and leather steering wheel with car matching blue 12 O’clock mark
  • refurbed/rebuilt the Alcon brake callipers
  • carbon and carbon dipped parts under the engine bay
  • painted carbon engine cover
  • carbon bonnet pistons
  • blue silicone hoses
  • Cusco strut brace
  • Interior carbon dipped door and dash trim
  • smoked LED rear lights – I have the OEM rear lights
  • smoked LED lights to replace the rear reflectors
  • brand new Alcon front discs and pagid pads in 2022 which have done 200 miles (the bells on the old discs began to crack due to age)
  • new rear discs and pads in 2021
  • new Micheline tyres all round in 2021 which have done some 1k miles
  • all four wheels were refurbed in 2022 so look like new
  • Machine polished with 2 coats of quality wax, so as you see in the pics it shines and is free of swirls. I am meticulous when washing my cars.
  • Registered 1st September 2009
  • 1,125 miles 25 Jan 2010 - Mitsubishi
  • 6,352 miles 3 Oct 2011 - Mitsubishi
  • 8,495 miles 25 April 2012 - Mitsubishi
  • 10,759 miles 24 Aug 2012 - Mitsubishi
  • 14,871 miles 24 Sept 2013 - Mitsubishi
  • March 2014 car sold to dealer and sat indoors
  • 19,304 miles 7 May 2016 - Mitsubishi after purchase by me
  • 20,800 24 April 2017 - Indigo GT
  • 22,637 31 May 2018 - Indigo GT
  • 23,263 28 May 2019 - Indigo GT
  • 24,051 5 October 2020 - Indigo GT
  • 24,619 12 October 2021- Indigo GT
  • 25,059 04 October 2022 – Indigo GT

MOT expires October 2023