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Looking for an Evo 6 at the moment and the opinion seems to be that a genuine UK car fetched about £2k more than a grey import? What would I be getting for my money? How do I spot a genuine car vs a grey?

I am aware of the three year warranty but that's about all.


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The warranty is the major factor. In addition, an official car will have been properly converted and should be OK when it comes to MOT etc. Grey cars can also be OK but you need to be more careful as there are some cowboy importers.

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I agree, I think the main benefit of buying through Ralliart/Mitsibushi is the 3 year warranty, and possibly make it easier to sell in the future, but as evos in general are still fairly rare cars, I don't think it bother too many people.

As simon says, if you choose a reputable importer, there should be no problems, the money you save you could always get a decent stereo or have a little bit of tuning done - oven even keep it by for the petrol!

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If you are not modifying then buy a CCC machine or Ralliart when Dudley were involved 3 year warranty.

If are modifying then your CCC warranty will be invalidated - so you acn go anywhere.

For the EVO VII - then buy a standard car from Ralliart (Dudley) or an eXtreme machine from them. Same rules don't modify yourself!

Warrender are into conversions by RC - not sure how these compare to the eXtreme. Personally I would rather buy a Toney Cox modified car. If I was going to throw away a £40k wedge!

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If I were to do it again – I would be going for an import. I bought a UK TME, the car is fantastic, allot better than the scoobies I’ve had in the past. However the controversy over the warranty! Ha it really makes me laugh.

My car is 3 months old, done 6000 miles (mainly motorway) and needs a new clutch. Which is not under warranty!! Neither are the break discs and probably anything else the tossers can slime their way out of!!!

Sorry for the harshness, but a slipping clutch, which has not had anywhere near the abuse it should have had, as far as I’m concerned should have been replaced. Before you all start, the car has done 3 standing starts, 2 at Trax, and after that it’s been on a motorway.

I now know for a fact that when I install my exhaust system, if any thing happens to the engine for example, the warranty would be void. Put the car on the track, the warranty would be void etc… All they need is an excuse.

I have really lost all confidence in the warranty, and in the dealer for that matter.

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Bulldog, my thoughts exactly, I never have cared for warranties, every, although I must admit that I've never used a warranty that eery came with a car, so maybe I am biased. There are usually so many loophole in them - bit like insurance!

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You wouldn't be paying 40K if you bought an import modified by RC......
The import is cheaper to begin with and the price of the RC mods are well below the cost Ralliart ones.
The RC quality of workmanship is very high too.

I would save myself the extra dosh for more TOYS !!!!

Hope this helps


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Just to echo the responses its really the warranty, three other things to consider

1. Resale value - imho used uk cars bring a slightly higher price (although this means F**k all in reality)
2. Insurance - UK cars will be slightly (and I do mean slightly) cheaper to insure
3. Buy from someone reputable what ever you do

Personally having bought a UK E6 I liked the feeling of having a Warranty although I am now about to begin modification so its worthless - If I were to buy again I'd go for an import.....

Hope this helps


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Is it really just the warranty?!?!?! Ralliart UK sold these new for £31k which was LOADS more than a grey ?

I heard stories of cold climate packs and other modifications?

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Yep, it's pretty much only the warranty, foglights integrated into the bumper with switches inside and the cold climate pack. The cold climate pack is something which most greys'll have too, but not really needed. I think it consists of a stronger alternator and a larger battery, even if fitted later max. 300 pounds value. Not worth the extra. Got a grey as I new I was going to mod the car anyway and invested the extra (and a little bit more) into parts. Basically it saved me about 4k. Then taking into consideration that the warranty doesn't seem to be worth the paper that it's written on, forget an official car.

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Personally I would rather buy a Toney Cox modified car. If I was going to throw away a £40k wedge!
Wasn't Toney Cox only the logistics manager of the WRC team? If that's true he knows as much about designing cars as my grandma...

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The warranty is NOT voided when you modify. Only if :
1). You use Ralliart approved parts.
2). They are fitted by a Ralliart fitter or approved fitter.
3). Warranty covers Exhaust and filter mods. - I have an email of CCC stating this.
4). Warranty does NOT cover the 'new' exhaust and filter - The 12 months manufacturers warranty comes into play.

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If you go on the direct line site, and get a quote, the price is the same for uk or import EVO 6, give it a go


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Michael: The Ralliart E6 did not come with Foglights fitted they cost £535 extra - I can vouch for that - ouch! A pain in the wallet for 2 lousy fog lights. :(
Toney Cox - if you say so! I suupose an eXtreme 6 is just a parts catalogue loaded car afterall! The E7 version is a little different with a few engine mods though!

Daz Mak: Things must have changed since CCC took over the selling of E6's. Ralliart Dudley will will not honour warranty work I can assure you on a car sold by them before CCC took the reins. If you wanted to mod your car only a Stage ONE conversion was allowed.

I would be interested to see your letter. ;)

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24 July 2001

Dear Mr Yates

Thank you for your e-mail received 24 July 2001.

If the parts or accessories to be added to your Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
VI are Ralliart and Mitsubishi approved, and fitted by an authorised
Mitsubishi dealer, the warranty will remain, and the individual parts will
carry the usual 12 months parts warranty. You should speak with your local
Mitsubishi Ralliart dealer with regard to this matter, as the dealer will be
able to confirm whether specific items are approved.


Customer Services Dept.

The contents of this email/fax and any attachments are the property of The
Colt Car Company Limited and are intended for the confidential use of the
named recipient(s) only.

If you are not the intended recipient please notify us immediately at the
postal address below, or by email at [email protected] or by
telephoning 01285 655777. Any disclosure, copying or distribution is
prohibited. The Colt Car Company will accept no responsibility or liability
in respect to the email/fax other than to the addressee.

Any files attached to this email will have been checked with virus detection
software before transmission. However, you should carry out your own virus
check before opening any attachment. The Colt Car Company accepts no
liability for any loss or damage, which may be caused by software viruses.


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The latest in terms of mods and warranty from Ralliart is that they won't even fit a stage 1 now without voiding the warranty. They will however allow a HKS induction kit and HKS exhaust and this will not invalidate the warranty.


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we are talking about 2 different warranties here.

daz's (and mine) are with CCC/Ralliart and so come under the CCC warranty Dept, Andys car is direct from Ralliart UK in dudley and they run there own warranty.

i think i am right about this, as i have the same guarantees as daz.


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Thanks, can't get fairer than that. I suppose an induction and amp; exhaust kit is what most people would desire.

However, does that mean my car would be covered by the original CCC warranty if I'd fitted those to a UK supplied vehicle before CCC took over the importing from Dudley?

Confused or what, on which is a very important issue!

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I think what most people want on this board is something equivalent of the Jun Evo with a Gr.A suspension and brake system. I, for one, NEED something like that!! If it wasn't for the money....

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Having brought my car from Japan through Cyprus then into UK I have inherited a superb warranty.

It is the cutom made Kebab Sushi Warranty, raw cubes of lamb, coated in parsley herbs, marinated in a traditional Japanese Teriyaki sauce, served on bamboo skewers.

Hmmmm.............what the hell has this got to do with cars? Nothing.

What the hell has it to do with warranties ? Nothing.

What kind of warranty have I got on my car?? F**k all :D:D:D:D:D

Oh well !!
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