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Pulled into Tescos in Guildford today in the Black Tommi Mak... now I know the Evo isn't the best looking car on the road but have you seen the Sti 7 Prodrive style in the 'flesh'. That is one seriously ugly car. Having just sold the P1 a couple of months ago, the remaining Scooby blood cells in my system hoped that the Sti might look the biz, but alas, I think it actually looks worse than the WRX.

If reports are true about Subaru sales being down 45% year on year in the uk compared to 2000/01 and rumours of prodrive redesigning the front end of the car for 03 - then I'm not surprised after seeing that car up close.

Brace yourselves, if any Scoobynetters read this we could be invaded by the 'bug eye defenders'. Just my opinion, but **** me Subaru......

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Funnily enough the new scoob gets more wonderfull each time I trounce one .
But with respect new scoob V Evo7 well debatable on looks .this is to say its a radical misuse of metal.
Having said that the new scoob looks faster than the E7.But ain't.
Any one se the jerry Clarkson head to head the other night .22B /E6/Beamer Roadster/alfa .
A reasonable collection of the best in the class,But the alfa ,as bad as TT driver material.fkin hair dressers car.

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Oddly enough that here in the states, Subaru set sales records for their cars sold.
The WRX was one of the leading contributor.

We're still growing fond of the looks here in the States.

Subaru of America, Inc. Records Best Year in History; 2001 Total Sales Up 8%;
Best December Total Sales Since 1985; Impreza Establishes New Sales Record

CHERRY HILL, N.J., Jan. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA), a
pioneer of crossover all-wheel drive vehicles designed for the active
lifestyle, announced today its best total sales result on record, posting a
year-end total of 185,944 units. The previous record of 183,242 units was
established in 1986. The final 2001 tally represents an 8% increase from
2000 totals for the comparable period.

Our year-end result is a remarkable milestone for the Subaru brand and a
shining example of the Beauty of All-Wheel Drive, said Subaru Executive Vice
President, Fred Adcock. Most importantly, we achieved our success by
remaining true to our core philosophy of offering 100% all-wheel drive
vehicles designed to complement the active lifestyle. Everyone at SOA and
our retail partners should be very proud of this tremendous achievement.

Subaru Legacy led the 2001 totals with 95,291 units posted. Subaru Outback
accounted for 70,625 units, outpacing last year's total of 68,902 for the
same period. Subaru Impreza established a new sales record of 35,612 total
units, up a remarkable 85% from the previous year. Impreza sales were
bolstered by the successful launch of the rally-bred 2002 Impreza WRX,
accounting for 18,060 unit sales since its March introduction. Subaru
Forester recorded a total of 55,041 total unit sales.

Subaru recorded a sales total of 15,926 units for the month of December, an
increase of 8% from 2000 figures for the same period. Subaru Legacy led the
volume for the month with 8,005 units, while Subaru Outback accounted for
5,958 units. Subaru Forester recorded sales of 4,569 units in December, up
2%. Subaru Impreza continued its remarkable sales success with sales of
3,352 units, up 128% from December 2000.

CONTACT: Rob Moran of Subaru of America, |PLS|1-856-488-3326, or
[email protected]


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Well, somebody had to buy them. Just shows how desperate the Americans have become. They obviously mistake this for a good car ;)

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The Sti pic s not bad ,Mitsi must be wishing they could tap that market with the E7.Soooo far behind ,may bedue to the total **** up on all the Recals they had .Keeps the Evos production of 5-10 thousand per model world wide more exclusive :D

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I'm sorry but that car looks horrible. It looks like somebody went down to Halford and bought a load of universal spoilers and stuck them on. Nice Wheels! Not! I especially like the lovely Black plastic grills.
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