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Hi Evo-Freak'Z

Last sunday I was in Veltheim for doing Driver training course 3

In this Training we did forward/backward 180° and 360° drifts/slides/skids ...but the instructor said, that those funny-things
will damage the four-wheel-drife/Diff !! (and he gave me after two 360's his BMW Z3-Coupé for practise :( ) this true ??, has he right ?

P.S. (while this flick's/skids the clutch is pushed..) border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >


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Will do nasty things to the AYC as it struggles to correct the slides. If you have an LSD then its probably less of a problem. All centre diffs on e6 seem to be open as far as I can see and most of the front ones are as well.

Generally this type of manouvre does put alot of train onto the whole transmission.

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sorry.., i've forgotten to mention, that i've got a VI RS-2
AYC !!!

|EQU| and amp;gt; it woth to change my VI to a Mak ?? ..think the VI is the purist's
car :)

|EQU| and amp;gt; is there a comparison between the 6 and 6.5 ?? ..a tracktest, which one's
faster in the bend's ??¿

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What's a 6.5?

I have a TME and the AYC does feel a bit weird sometimes. For a top driver (not like me) its probably best to have a rear LSD rather than AYC as you can control the amount the back end comes out with steering/throttle rather than having to fight the AYC. For me as i drive the car every day for work I find the AYc good as it compensates for my laclk of skill/attention.

The 2.2 rack that you get on the TME is good. Not too twitchy on the open road.

Generally the TME has exceeded my expectations as I have found it hard to get used to a car that you cannot drive aropund at full throattle everywhere (previously had a diesel).

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Hi evilEVO!

The TME is not faster but less fun with the AYC. The turbo is a tiny little bit better, but apart from the interior and front bumper which I like better, I dont think it is worth getting a TME. Get yourself an exhaust and Sports ECU.

Hey what's the alt |PLS| number to get the reverse ?

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oli goon
---------- and amp;gt; and amp;gt;

6 |EQU| and amp;gt; normal VI
6.5 |EQU| and amp;gt; ..VI TME

---------- and amp;gt; and amp;gt;

...sure !! ALT |PLS| 0191 - and amp;gt; ¿

Did Antonio made the trip through the swiss mountains ?? ..i think,
those week i was in spain ! holiday... :)

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¿ Hehe evilEVO ?¿

The car without AYC is faster around corners because you can get the car to be straight b4.

GreetZ 2
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