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I have just been speaking to demon tweeks for prices on tyres.

Spoke to a chap called stuart and he has just offered me a full set of Toyo's 205/40/17 for my evo1 all in £271.59 (retail £321.) & 235/40/17 £466.31 approx 17% discount. (for another evo) (edited to add) This is with balancing and fitting.

I managed to blag him a bit and he said that if we would like to get a few sets of tyres with or without balancing and fitting then to give him a call and he will see what sort of discount he can do for us.

Don't know if this is of any use to any of you guys and gals. But if you are intrested let me know what you want and your sizes and I will call him and see what sort of prices we can get.

Just as a guide I contacted another tyre company in my local area who I know are cheap and they were £321.80 all in. These were for 205/40/17.

cheers Trina
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