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Hi everyone, here is a tip for all of you

As you in UK (I live in France) have, like me european Evos , you must be running on Bridgestone Potenza S01.
I just learnt that in Japan, the Evos come with Bridgestone Expedia S01, and a friend from Bridgestone told me the difference. Actually, the Potenzas are very good tyres, and they were put on the cars to Europe for safety reason (more understeer, and more predictable under the rain). But if you are looking for performance (which is the purpose of that car), than put back the Expedias, which are trickier at the limit, but cancel all understeer, thus giving you a better entry speed in the corners.

If anyone knows about tyres, or tried the Expedias, that would be nice for me to have a confirmation as well



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Hi Tarik!
I thought that potenza or expedia S01 or S02 were the same tyres,and that Bridgestone just changed the name depending on the country they were made for.But if you know someone that works for Bridgestone,then he know's!
Anyway the S01 is the old model,probably is better to go for S02,even if Bridgestone's worn out very quick(but have a lot of grip,I agree)!
I've tried the YOKOHAMA'S AVS SPORT on my EVO,they are pretty good,just a little bit more noisy at the limit.
The PIRELLI P ZERO'S are probably one of the best's,but I've never try them on my EVO!

Best regards

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