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Have picked up a puncture on one of my S01. Am therefore looking to replace 2 or maybe all of the tyres.

Goodyear Eagle F1
Toyo Proxes

I don't go on a racetrack (yet), but do a fair number of miles so I do not want a noisy tyre or one that last less than 6000 miles. Consensus of opinion seems to be that S02 are pretty good unless you go balls out (which I don't do (small balls)) and are quieter than S01 (noisy in my opinion).

Any comments?

Alternative would be if anyone has a part worn S01 in good nick?

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For cruising, get the S-O2s. Very quiet compared to the S-O1s. The Yokos are supposed to be better, but wear out faster too.

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I have never used them myself but Toyo Proxies are supposed to be as good as SO2.I have seen tyre tests in mags that do say the Toyo is better is certain conditions.
In last months EVO mag they have a sort of advert/article about driving an EVO6 on the roads used in the Monte Carlo rally using Toyo Proxies.Even EVO magazine rated them.
Alot cheaper than Bridgestones aswell..

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Getting hold of so2s in the future will be hard ,so I was told this morning.fitted 2 so3s to the front of my E4
will bed them in with the new pads tonight .So3s nice looking tyre as well good tread depth to start with .
I haven't met a tyre dealer that has recomended anything else apart from the bridgestones pole position so's
I have spoken to quite a few on getting prices .
couldn't afford 4 new yokos Ao32,but then its winter and wet.

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Thanks for all the feedback.

I can get S02 for £127 ea whilst the Proxes are £121 so i'll go for the S02, unless i can get a much cheaper price on the AVS Sport. i'll let you all know how i get on.

the S01 is well ####ed. The side wall is all distorted probably coz i drove home last night with it almost flat. I kept thinking that the grip was crap but assumed it woz because of the hail storm just before I went home.

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have just gone back to people who gave me the price on an S02 and they tell me that they can't get hold of them anymore and that they can only get S03. Still the same price of £127.

MichealK, was it you who said these were crap?

the AVS Sport are £121 so no real price advantage.
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