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I need new boots. Have two quotes on the table, Bridgestone SO2's at £110 plus VAT etc etc each, or Pirelli P6000's at £80 plus VAT etc etc each.

I've had Pirelli's before on my Celica GT4 and recall they were pretty good. But are the SO2's worth the extra £30? I've done 22,000 miles on my original SO1's (all road, no track, mix of town and motorway driving)and the only complain is the roadnoise.

Comments gratefully appreciated!


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Forget the p6000!!!
The only good pirelli are the p zero!
The brigestone s 02 are really good or yo can als go for the yokohama avs sport.

These are at my opinion the 3 best possible choices!

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What about Goodyear Eagle F1?

I had those fitted on my previous car,still think it's one of the best tyre though ....

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Both p6000's and B SO2's are good tyres, so2's being the better
overal. This is because the so2's are a softer compound and therefore
you have better outright grip. the p6000's are a harder wearing tyre which
will last you longer with the compromise of on the edge cornering.
The compromise of the two I think is the Toyo proxes if you are after
the harder wearing qualities of the p6000 and the near on the limit grip of the so2's,
and they also cost less than the so2's.!!! border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >It's a good choice and the proxes do come standard and some new Evo's.
I've tried them all and this is my opinion only!!

I hope this is of some help to you[img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

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I never use anything other then Yokohamas(advan), been using Neova for quite some time and they r very nice(except that 215/40/17 i think i dont have enough traction sometimes wonder if i should get 235/40/17s next), but after this set maybe i would try the new TNR045..but those r pretty expensive, and the tire size is very limited to choose.


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Thanks for the replies so far, guys.

I should mention that the Pirellis are WR rated, and the Bridgestones ZR rated.

Who sells the Yokohamas and the Toyos recommended by others?

Keep the comments coming!

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I have (last weekend) just got some BFGoodrich Profiler G tyres 225/45/Y17 (Y being a new faster rating than Z). The seem pretty good and offer as much grip as my old Bridgestone S01's

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Hasn't the Evo VII got Yokohama 235/17s? Could you fit these on a V or VI and , if not, can you get the same tyre in 225/17?

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The pirelli p6000 are not a sport tire at all!
I wouldn't fit them on a golf if it was a gti or v6!
Can't even imagine them on an evo!

I've tried the michelin pilot and I really don't like them at all(even if they are much better than pirelli p6000 as at leas they are sport tyres border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >)!

I havent tryed the toyos but I think that they are not too bad and the could last longer than bridgestones.

I will probably try the s03 next time they should be really good!
Anyway the pzero compound is really good and they last longer than the s02.
Yokohama avs sport is a very good choice and are very precise and have a good grip.

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Yeah, agreed.

I had some P6000's on my current company car (Fiat Marae 2.4TD). They lasted 3k miles on the front and didn't seem to grip well. After that the lease company insisted on them fitting Michelin sport, initially I was dissapointed, but as they gripped better and lasted 10k miles I was happy border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

If I had free choice I would go for Yokahamas as I have used them on my wifes Montego Turbo [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle > (please don't laugh (well not too much)) and had good grip and over 10k miles out of them.

PS Call me a sad ******* but I have to drive the Monte some times (when it needs petrol for example) and it still puts a damn big smile on my face [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

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Bloody hell! Only 10K miles out of a set of tyres? I've done 22k on the origial SO1's.

Seems like the balance of opinion is towards the SO2's. Again, thanks.


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Anybody getting more than 5000 miles from a set of tires on an Evo doesnt drive fast.

As for which tires to chose, get
Yoko AVS Sport
Pirelli PZeros
or maybe Bridges S03.

The S01s suck!

Anybody seriously evoking P6000s should go see a psychatrist or change cars!

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I've just ordered 4 SO 3's as I finished off my SO 1's at Oulton yesterday. They'll be fitted on Tuesday so I'm keen to see the difference. Obtained from Micheldever for £484 delivered - fitting on top but still cheaper than anywhere local.


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SO2's currently in the lead. But just had a look at Yokohamas website. Them tyres look cool! Stupidest reason to buy 'em, but they do.

Anyone any experience of wear/life/prices?

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I had S01-z s on my M3, they were very good on the dry, good but not as good as others on the wet. They were so good on the dry that I thought they would wear out fast, especially on a 324,8 bhp back wheel drive car border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle > but they didn't, 15,000 miles at least, can't remember exactly...

Take care (or don't)


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Those sad people amongst you (like me!) may like to visit the thrilling

All the info you could ever want on tyres (and a lot you wouldn't want). But the most interesting bit is the review of tyres tests.

Here's what they said about the Yoko's.

AVS Sport
Sport Auto's reviewers (6/00) rated this tyre as generally average, although it did offer good dry traction on the rear axle and the lowest noise levels. The test recorded a slight delay in steering.

And the Toyo's

T1-S Proxes
Revs magazine (12/99) gave this tyre the second fastest lap time on a wet track, the reviewer found it confidence inspiring but felt its performance was just short of the winning tyre in the test.

The T1-S was rated above average in most sections of Auto Motor Und Sport magazine's test (6/00). It did very well in the handling and driveability tests but was considered poor for resistance to aquaplaning on a straight line and for rolling resistance.

This tyre gave a good performance under wet conditions in Sport Auto's test (6/00) where it offered excellent traction, steering precision and braking. In the dry, however, it provided imprecise steering and low traction.

Test Mot (4/00) voted this tyre 'Best in test' in their size 205/55 R16V tyre category and described it as sporty and safe in all conditions. It showed very good braking and aquaplaning characteristics as well as precise cornering in the dry. The tyre's only disadvantages were slightly limited comfort and relatively high rolling noise.

The T1-S was joint winner in a test of 205/55 R15 size tyres featured in Auto magazine (4/00). It was excellent in the wet and good in the dry, but let down by poor comfort and noise.

And finally, the Bridges

Bridgestone Potenza S-02
In their trial of performance car tyres the S-02 came top out of 10 brands tested by Max Power magazine (12/98). They state that the only area where it didn't excel was in dry handling. In particular the magazine praised the tyre's good looks as well as its gradual and balanced cornering.

The S-02 also came joint top with the Goodyear Eagle F1 in Autocar's (11/99) high performance car tyre test. It performed well in all stages of the test, particularly wet handling but scored poorly for coast by noise and rolling resistance.

This tyre came joint first with two others in Sport Auto's test (6/00). The reviewers found its agile handling and precise steering with high aquaplaning resistance made it easily controllable in the wet. The S-02 also performed well in the braking test but offered low traction on the rear axle on a wet surface.

Looks like the SO2's may get my money...

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